What do you wish to do this Saturday at Cubbon Park?

Remember the wish list you prepared for things you wished you could do in your city?

Here's one more!

What are the things you would love to do at the park in your city?
(build the park wish list below)

Amrutha Bushan:
* i wish i could smile whole heartedly at each and every person i saw in a park without worrying that i was inviting trouble.
* i love minimal clothing. i wish i could wear them on a daily basis;even to a park.

Dianne Sharma Winter: if i could be there I would wear a pink tutu and do handstands all across the park to the astonished cheers of my family and then someone would come along and offer me a job in the circusand i would take it

Shreyasi :I want to lay down under a tree and stare at the sky with music
blaring in my ears!! :) :D

I want to be able to take a nap in the park.

Aarthi: I want to skip the rope + read a book.

Saraswathi: I wish to whistle my favourite songs in public.

Jasmine : I am going to write a letter to a dear friend.

Natasha Hemrajani: i wish i could sit on the grass all by myself in tiny
shorts and soak up some sun and read and nap
without a care in the world without people staring
at my skin or at my lack of company and without
random men mouthing lewd songs at me because
this what they do when a woman appears
alone and vulnerable and skimpily dressed.

Bedatri: i want to get wet in the rain-from top to bottom,to the innermost strings of my garment and then walk back home without feeling guilty and i want to sit on the front seat of the auto and enjoy the breeze without twisting and turning in order to avoid those sudden brakes and what they bring along.

Lindsey Rieder :
When I lived in Jaipur I always wanted to sit on the bench in the park near my house and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels and all the kids playing.

Soumya: I just want to plonk myself comfortable PJs in whichever position and dream away

i wanna listen to my ipod and dance on the streets, not just bob my head and walk......

Alexandra: I am from Canada, and will be trying to erase the horrible tanline I have gotten from wearing Salwar Kameez everyday, while simultaneously entertaining my puppy whose name is Tombi.

and you?

Join us at 3 30 pm, Saturday, to do exactly what you wish to do there.
email us to confirm if you're coming!
The activities are individual based and not meant to be
co ordinated with what other Action Heroes will be doing.
There are no 'rules' except it would be fantastic if
Action Heroes wore a garment they always wished to wear
but did not because they thought they might be 'asking for it'.
The event will go on until 6 pm.
Every body is invited.
Bring along your friends, family or anyone interested.
Be an Action Hero!

Saturday Action Heroes include:

  1. Aarthi
  2. Machlee
  3. Mangit
  4. Shreyasi
  5. Hemangini
  6. Soumya
  7. Chitra
  8. Shilo
  9. Ratna
  10. Katheeja
  11. Amrutha
  12. Alexandra
  13. Saraswathi
  14. Jasmine
  15. you?
  16. sign up!! e: blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com


newsbook said...

good what u are doing .............but only matters that both end should be control ..................,,,keep going ..........

Helen Huntingdon said...

I'm following from the USA -- I think this is my favorite blog ever. I love reading about the things you do.

J said...

Thank you Abhas

Thank you Helen


guest said...

Amrutha Bushan: * i love minimal clothing. i wish i could wear them on a daily basis;even to a park.

Please feel free. Think of all the men as mere trees in the park. You wouldn't feel shy in front of trees, would you?

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Where is this park?

BN GIRL said...

@ abhiroop.
cubbon park is in bangalore

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