Calling Action Heroes to meet in Bombay. Carter Road. Sunday April 19. at 4 pm

There's a dress 'code':
Wear a garment you always wished to wear but did not or could not because something told you, you might be 'asking for it'.

Please bring along a garment you wore when you were 'teased' or harassed on the street.

***The intervention itself will be simple and in true Blank Noise spirit, will involve public participation> details shall be emailed after you confirm attending.

The event will end with a discussion.

Should you wish to help towards making this event happen- please email us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com and add your name to the list below:

  1. Varsha Chandwani
  2. Mohnish Moorjani
  3. Pranav Joshi
  4. Kismet Nakai
  5. Nisha Chandwani
  6. Manu
  7. Varsha Panikar + friends
  8. Aparna Hajnis + friends
  9. Punit
  10. Zuleikha
  11. Nhar
  12. Mansi
  13. Gayatri
  14. Gyan
  15. Saumya
  16. Aparna
  17. Saurabh
  18. you?

Stay tuned. to organize an event in your city get in touch asap.
Yours truly
Blank Noise Team

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ComandanteA / Alejandra Espino said...

Dear Blank Noisers,
I am a mexican woman, and living in Mexico City strikes me as very similar to your situation. We have a very good share of eve-teasers, and some of us are getting very tired about it. I love the the actions you take on streets, I find them to be very inspiring. I admire your courage, and I will try to stage some kind of protest just like those you have.
Thank you very much for the inspiration, and know that you have a fellow blanknoiser far away geographically but very close at heart.
Again, thanks for your courage and your example, and I wish you the greatest success in this upcoming action.

J said...

hi ComandanteA
so good to hear from you.
do email us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com
would love to connect with the issue in Mexico.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Anonymous said...

Have been trying to attend your meetings in Bombay, but both times; once at Jogger's park and today on Carter Road, we couldn't find any groups together. Were these meetings called off, or do we need to check our blind spots?
Do let me know. Thanks!

J said...

hi anon.reports say that the group waited a very long time for others to show up. we had sent out a request for mobile phone numbers of those who had confirmed - that would have made it easier. really regret that you missed both todays and the joggers park picnic. hope to see you soon. please email us

Mohnish said...

the meetings were not called off sadly we're not allowed to put up signs indicating the exact location both inside and outside a venue (we tried this at Joggers)but as BN said we wait for others to show up and enough planning goes into getting ppl to the venue either contacting them through e-mail or FB events. Would help if you give your phone number to Blank Noise

Anonymous said...

blanknoise is an awesome concept to beat eve-teasing, i want to start an awareness campaign in Goa, mostly for the men here, they must know eve-teasing cannot be excused, i m also workin on a a story about eve-teasing for a few newspapers in Goa .I want to know how to i go about starting a campaign or an awareness drive here.


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i aplaud your action and movement in all the sitiation. wish all the people were like you.
say your thoughts!

would love to attend the meeting in bombay.