Italian convicted for staring at woman on train

via Fred Miller

LECCO, Italy (Reuters) - An Italian man was given a suspended jail sentence for staring too intensely at a woman sitting in front of him on a train.

A judge sentenced the man in his 30s, whose name was not revealed, to 10 days in prison and a 40 euro fine after a 55-year old woman filed a complaint for sexual harassment.

His lawyer said on Friday he would appeal the sentence. The court will explain its verdict later.

The two met on two separate occasions in 2005 on a commuter train going from Lecco, a town in northern Italy, to Milan.

The first time, the man sat next to the woman but she felt he had moved too close for comfort. The next day, the man sat in front of the same woman and according to her complaint, stared at her for the whole journey.

The two did not speak.

(Reporting by Silvia Aloisi; Editing by Catherine Evans)

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Mohnish said...

This is what our society lacks, harsher punishments for stalkers, perverts, rapists etc. I personally belong to the school of thought that castration is better that education. Not a single city in this country(India) is safe. The myth that women would be safe in a crowded place is shattered with the recent molestations in Mumbai, Guwahati and Raipur. Out of hundreds, 14 are arrested(Mumbai case) and later released on bail. I doubt the law and order in this country will ever provide justice to victims. A few cases have emerged from Delhi & Ludhiana where cops are the perpetrators. Quite a shame considering our Prez is a woman.