Laughing Out Loud

This time we invite you to laugh.

Laugh out loud. Record it. Email it to us/ or upload it on yousendit.com

3 months from today the Department of Fun and Games will construct devices that will broadcast your laughter through independent radio.

simply put- imagine a street scape filled with the sound of many laughing women!

Here's one Blank Noise recorded in 2006 August. This was played at Delhi's South Ex Subway. (hear)

Simple ways to record on a windows machine:

On a windows machine

1. Plug a microphone to the "sound-in" of your sound card
Open Windows sound recorder and hit the record button
Watch the instruction video here:


2. Download a free recording and sound editing software-Audacity is one of the best one's around[download it from here:http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

and use it to record your audio:

Watch the instruction video here:

[more detailed instructions here:


On a Macintosh:

1: Open Garageband

2: Record

watch the instruction video here:

Or read the easy insructions here:http://macaudioguy.com/2007/12/27/how-to-do-basic-audio-recording-on-your-mac-using-garageband-08/

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