Blank Noise meets in your city!

Blank Noise members will be meeting on the following days.
Be there!
Please feel free to bring along, friends, cousins, aunts- anyone interested.

To participate and be a Blank Noise Action Hero-email in, right away!

We meet at:

Chennai: March 1. 4 pm. sat. Cafe Coffee Day..near Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam. For some views/ thoughts from Blank Noise chennai blogger read here

Mumbai: Feb 29. 6 pm. friday. Just Around the Corner- Bandra + March 1 Saturday 4 pm- Cafe Mocha. Lokhandwala

feb 27. 6 pm. wednesday. India coffee house- MG road + sunday 2nd Feb, 5 pm India Coffee House

March 1 , Saturday, Cafe Coffee Day on East Street

March 1 , Saturday. 4:00 p.m. at the campus of Chanakya National Law University, by the Ganges river bank.

Delhi: March 1. saturday. 5 pm. India Habitat Centre. Amphitheatre- by the steps.

Feb 29. Friday. 6 pm .T 3- Park Street

Hyderabad: March 1. Saturday. 4 45 pm.
KBR PARK .( LV Prasad Eye Institute or opp to TDP Office)

Chandigarh:March 1 Saturday

You could organize a meet in your city. This meeting is towards the next Blank Noise event- March 8, where we intend to do one action simultaneously across the country. If a small bunch of you( no.s ranging from 2-5 individuals would like to participate from a city that has not been mentioned in the list above drop in an email- and let's meet in your city.

we- thank- you


Citizen Earth said...

:( i work till 6, at worli!!!
me and a friend really want to make it for the meeting and on march 8.

how long will the meeting be on?

J said...

hi! hope you can make it. We should be there until 1.5 hours.

try! hope to see you.

Anonymous said...

Get this classic Saturday evening occurrence: I went to IHC in Delhi to attend my first meet-up today, but couldn't find anyone (I chatted up three groups of women, to no avail). Instead, I got approached by a man attending the Government Budget meeting at the Amphitheatre (near where I was trying to meet Blank Noise). Even though I was confidently strolling around IHC, hardly looking like a damsel in distress, the businessman used the line "You look lost" - perfect for approaching a white girl. I made it clear I wasn't interested in talking after less than a minute, but he just could NOT understand why I wouldn't give him my phone number. Or my email! He acted offended, like I was being a jerk - how could I not want to give my details to his fabulous self? What the hell, dude? Just because you're not physically threatening me does not mean I appreciate your attempts to woo me. I need some Blank Noise action. Please contact me for the March 8 event when we can publicly confront harassment of all kinds.