Blank Noise meets in your city!

Blank Noise members will be meeting on the following days.
Be there!
Please feel free to bring along, friends, cousins, aunts- anyone interested.

To participate and be a Blank Noise Action Hero-email in, right away!

We meet at:

Chennai: March 1. 4 pm. sat. Cafe Coffee Day..near Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam. For some views/ thoughts from Blank Noise chennai blogger read here

Mumbai: Feb 29. 6 pm. friday. Just Around the Corner- Bandra + March 1 Saturday 4 pm- Cafe Mocha. Lokhandwala

feb 27. 6 pm. wednesday. India coffee house- MG road + sunday 2nd Feb, 5 pm India Coffee House

March 1 , Saturday, Cafe Coffee Day on East Street

March 1 , Saturday. 4:00 p.m. at the campus of Chanakya National Law University, by the Ganges river bank.

Delhi: March 1. saturday. 5 pm. India Habitat Centre. Amphitheatre- by the steps.

Feb 29. Friday. 6 pm .T 3- Park Street

Hyderabad: March 1. Saturday. 4 45 pm.
KBR PARK .( LV Prasad Eye Institute or opp to TDP Office)

Chandigarh:March 1 Saturday

You could organize a meet in your city. This meeting is towards the next Blank Noise event- March 8, where we intend to do one action simultaneously across the country. If a small bunch of you( no.s ranging from 2-5 individuals would like to participate from a city that has not been mentioned in the list above drop in an email- and let's meet in your city.

we- thank- you


Citizen Earth said...

:( i work till 6, at worli!!!
me and a friend really want to make it for the meeting and on march 8.

how long will the meeting be on?

Jasmeen said...

hi! hope you can make it. We should be there until 1.5 hours.

try! hope to see you.

Jenelle said...

Get this classic Saturday evening occurrence: I went to IHC in Delhi to attend my first meet-up today, but couldn't find anyone (I chatted up three groups of women, to no avail). Instead, I got approached by a man attending the Government Budget meeting at the Amphitheatre (near where I was trying to meet Blank Noise). Even though I was confidently strolling around IHC, hardly looking like a damsel in distress, the businessman used the line "You look lost" - perfect for approaching a white girl. I made it clear I wasn't interested in talking after less than a minute, but he just could NOT understand why I wouldn't give him my phone number. Or my email! He acted offended, like I was being a jerk - how could I not want to give my details to his fabulous self? What the hell, dude? Just because you're not physically threatening me does not mean I appreciate your attempts to woo me. I need some Blank Noise action. Please contact me for the March 8 event when we can publicly confront harassment of all kinds.