Excuse Me??

Street Tales of Love and Lust include a list of statements that have been sent in by YOU.

This online event was triggered in August as our collective attempt to 'define eve teasing'/ street sexual harassment/ street sexual violence.

In August we gave the list of food names you sent in the form of Food Charts/ IMAGE WORD MEANING REVISION: THINGS I AM NOT. Coming up is a list of 'things' and descriptors you have been referred to as while out in public.

The statements have been heard by women from across geographies. Over 80 people participated to compile this list. You can still add to it..email us subject titled 'excuse me?'
e: blurtblanknoise@gmail.com.
You can be anonymous if you like.

Besides being published on the blog, all responses to collectively building the 'eve teasing' vocab will be printed in the form of a book .

All email responses will be listed below- keep sending them in!
statements will be uploaded here. Food here. (objects / descriptors/ songs coming soon!)

  1. ooof ...so niissse
  2. where fr u go? where do you go?
  3. I want to be youwer friend. I want to be your friend.
  4. up and down ( to be repeated very fast )
  5. rapchik maal. good thing/stuff
  6. ' kya maal hai' what a thing!
  7. Small baby with big balls.
  8. Muslim phuljhari(at the sabzi market) muslim firecracker
  9. Oh beautiful gori. oh beautiful fair woman
  10. nice tits.
  11. i want to fuck you
  12. "F@!k me baby one more time"
  13. Ure so sweet as honey bhaybe
  15. KODTYEENEE (WILL YOU GIVE in kannada)
  19. can i have a ride? (many times when i was riding my bike in nyc)
  20. rambe urvashi menake (the heavenly angels)
  21. ghonti chepe debo( i want to squeeze your bells, in bengali)
  22. Ki maal(what a thing)
  23. Hi plumpy
  24. hi chink chong. chinky
  25. hey silky
  26. aye item hey you thing!
  27. SEE HER BUTT - ive heard this in Kannada... sounds very gross
  28. kya lag rahi hai! you're looking hot
  29. want to come for a ride, baby?
  30. waiting for me?
  31. (after flashing his penis) "well, did you see it? did you like it?"
  32. "ashbi" ("aati kya?") will you come?
  33. what a handful?!
  34. sardi ka saman sardi-winter/ saman-thing/object
  35. soda buddhi (when i used to wear glasses)- old woman with glasses
  36. Dekhle hobe? khorcha achhe"( referring to a girl with a man, meaning it takes money to keep such a girl.")
  37. "Pooro makhon" ( Following a Bengali Butter Biscuit ad, meaning very smooth like butter)
  38. CHEWING GUM CHIPKEGI KYA? will you stick like chewing gum?
  39. How much?
  40. Rose for me?
  41. Hi! Julliet
  42. Hey Bob-cut!!
  43. Hai Babiiieeee
  44. Maal hai yaar!
  45. ki bodo(what big ones!!)
  46. Hey- you breastfeeding those books?
  47. excuse me baby
  48. hello..excuse me..hi sexy..
  49. item hai
  50. jhakas
  51. “kahaaaN se aayeeeeee?” [sung in unrecognizable melody- where have you come from?]
  52. “hi gorgeous” [in nattering nasal chipmunk voice]
  53. "Jaldi karo, seth-ji" (yes, that too. Whatever it meant.) hurry up! you rich man
  54. WHAT, SHE HAS NOT KEPT ANY 'SAAMAAN' ONLY- likely to mean that she does not have breasts.
  55. Kya Garam Hai / She is hot
  56. Soni Kudi/ beautiful woman
  58. Aye Soniye/ beautiful woman
  59. Front or back?
  60. “nice girl” [by a 65 year old retired police officer who then tried to sweep in for a kiss]
  61. “Yes? Yes?”
  62. “WOOOO!”
  63. “hi beautiful"
  64. "tight-jeans"
  65. "white-bra" - because my bra strap was visible
  66. WHY EVEN THIS, SHE SHOULD HAVE COME NAKED - when we were wearing Jeans and Tees
  67. I WILL F@#K HER - I cant even repeat the words in kannada... sounds soooooooooo gross!!
  68. "####### bitch!"
  69. Bade hilla hilla ke chal rahi hain/ you're moving your breasts as you walk
  70. Neena na kachch haki bidtini (i'll eat you up!)
  71. Isko bana do! (make her up!)
  72. kela chahiye? (do you want a banana??)
  73. rambe urvashi menake (the heavenly angels)
  74. One shot- 1000 Rs. Barthiya? (Will you come?) *NEW*


velvetgunther said...

People say these things??? How lame....They do us a service though, the more there are guys who say this stuff, it gets that much easier for us who don't to come across as perfect gentlemen...and get a date.
I got to say though, do distinguish between harmless flirting and derogatory disrespectful remarks...but yeah, some of those lines are totally loser. They expect those to work?? what planet are they from?

ps: i honestly can't even make out what the word verification says, it's totally jumbled up...so if my comment doesnt appear, i'll guess i got it wrong

fengshuistoreindia said...

Hi there,
You have a great blog! I have faced this many times and I know how it feels. Great work! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

They don't 'expect those to work' in any way other than in embarassing the women. i feel these men have been too used to their supposed stronger sex status and cannot tolerate the independence of 'modern girls' as it were.