Excuse Me? Are you singing to me?

Tales of Street Love and Lust :

Tales of Street Love and Lust were compiled after bloggers/ blank noise members/ supporters/ Blank Noise agents emailed us what they were referred as/ called on the street by random male strangers.

This is an effort to compile an 'eve teasing' vocabulary. statements will be uploaded here. Food here. (Don't miss the song from Prema Loka- here comes a girl looking like a lemon)
Movie Songs here (objects / descriptors/coming soon!)

If you have been sung to and felt threatened / 'harassed' or even amused- email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com . You are welcome to describe the situation and how you felt. We will add the song to this blog post right away! Thankyou!

Haseena Maan Jayegi: I'm sure if I am persistent one day she will be mine.

Khud ko kya samajhti hai:
what does she think of herself/ she is arrogant/ let's have some fun guys.

chhai chhappa chhai- (I had short hair and was wearing a white salwar kameez!) The guys tried to follow me for nearly a couple of blocks singing this song.

ek bar aaaja aaaja aajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: come to me just once

o priya priya: someone remembering Priya, his love

babuji zara dheere chalo: go slow mister, I am lightening and I am standing here.

Yeh ladki hai! : Oh that girl!

Khambe jaisi Khadi Hai: She stands like a pole/ is she a girl or a firecracker? she has rage in her eyes and her lips are ready to abuse you.

Akhiyon se goli mare, larki kamaal ki: she shoots me with her eyes/ what an amazing woman. she tortures the guy in love with her.

Aati Kya?: will you come with me? to Khandala? We will go dancing, roaming and chill together.

Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Beth Ja: Come sit on my car!

Hai Hai Mirchi / Uff Uff Mirchi: oh you hot thing!

Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast: You are such an exciting thing!


Anonymous said...

isn't it a coincidence that most, if not all, these songs are from cheesy 80s movies the average person wouldn't dare allude to? and i squirm just thinking about these situations. yuck.

Suraj Darra said...

y did u post these videos and these song names???? r u mad or something? u r unknowingly giving people ideas on wat songs to sing if they want to catch the attention of some girl whom they have a crush on ... i mean just by defining the common songs that people sing to eve tease .. it doesn't serve any purpose rite ... it only shows off ur knowledge and good database collection... AND IT GIVES MANY MANY MANY PEOPLE IDEAS ON WAT SONGS THEY CAN SING WHEN THEY SEE A PRETTY GIRL WALKING PAST THEM !!!!!!! so it does more damage than good ... infact seeing this i feel .. "hey this is a nice song to sing when a pretty girl passes by" (i won't actually sing it!!) but anyways .. the devil inside wakes up!!! try adding psychologists and social activists to the blank noise group .. i mean reputed ones!! they can take the group a long long way.......