Blank Noise Action Heroes are women in public who face threat and feel fear but devise unique ways to confront it.

www.blanknoiseactionheroes.blogspot.com was created in March 2007 during international women's day to archive your stories of dealing with fear.

We would like to kickstart this process once again, starting now!

An Action Hero is a woman who has dealt with street sexual harassment by confronting and challenging it. Her final response might have been to choose to ignore the harassment, but she will have chosen to do so, not failed to notice it. (You can also be an Action Hero by participating in our city specific street actions).

Different kinds of sexual violence/harassment take place on the street - ranging from the hapless wooer to the aggressive sexual bully. Women in public across the world have their own unique strategies and capabilities of dealing with threat. This blog collects a range of such empowered actions from across the world.

You could also be the agent- the one who collects stories from your city/ neighbourhood/locality/ school/ college/ friends/family/ colleagues/. Ask the domestic help/ vegetable vendor/ flower seller/ woman bus conductor/ anyone!

This means that men are also invited to share stories of women whose response has amazed them! Go ahead... ask all the women you know!

Shout out loud! Tell us how and when you felt fearless.

You are an action hero not by the magnitude of what you did but how it made you feel.
Write in. blurtblanknoise@gmail.com.


velvetgunther said...

Umm...not to spoil the show, but shouldn't it be 'Shout it out loud' rather than 'Shout it loud'

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a sign of accepting the male domination quietly when you call yourselves 'Action Heroes'? Should you call yourself an 'Action Heroine'?

Anonymous said...

http://www.couchsurfing.com/group_readd.html?gid=1906&post=446452 is a classic example where action here fighting for a safe womans place in mumbai is booed down by men .