photo by Smriti Chanchani

may 27 friday. section 354 was handed out and plastered on the streets of bangalore. may 31st, ofcourse it is not there anymore.

section 354 will also be printed in Kannada

thanking Romal, Payal, Rahima for running around and doing the dirty fun work of pasting the posters on city walls.


hemangini said...

Hi Jasmeen.
story should be out next tuesday. Tell me about step two! I'll mail you the pics cd this week.

J said...

Hi miss mangs
I think step two will happen on friday 10th June and again on saturday 11th june.

We could improvise on what happened at brigade road...and do the act of just hanging by the railing.

We could do it it in Kannada at Majestic the next day. Now we have to get the people together.

Am putting up friday's experience on the blog by afternoon....

looking forward to hearing from you.

Lapierre M├ędias© said...

hi from canada
your blog is very interesting.

manuscrypts said...

hey, just a thought - i did see the ' y r u...' but it was kind of difficult reading it .... cant a flex banner be used for more visibility?? in terms of functionality it shdnt be a constraint.. also, maybe you can also have this url in the banner, so people have a touch point??

btw, replied to your reply

J said...

hi manuscrypts

about the banner...just thought it would be more powerful to have the text on the body instead of a banner. the body is being looked at anyways..

thats why,
when we do it again...will cal you.please come.


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