What are you permitted and not permitted to wear in college/ office/ any institution?

Can YOU send me an email as attachment or photocopy :

The rules and regulations for appropriate clothing as specified and stated by the college, school or office, any other insitute that you belong to?

(For example: some colleges say that
women should not wear a sleeveless garment
no lady is allowed to wear skirts only salwar kameez- full sleeve

(Back in school, on sports day the uniform skirt had to be six inches above the knee.)

You could also email me notes on:

What your family thinks is appropriate for you to wear in different places
(School days: my mother insisted I wear a slip under that white uniform)

and finally what you think is just right/ appropriate for you to wear.


Anonymous said...

i am frm xaviers ..rules are as twisted as can be..no low rise jeans, no pedal pushers (not even in bbay rain),no sleeveless, no revealing clothes (depends on the discretion of the watchman)

pls do something abt the vice chancellor mum univ mr. khole... he keeps saying tht girls ask to be eve teased....

J said...

yes supriya
i was alarmed!! i hear that even red is not allowed??

Anonymous said...

As many links as you want!

Anonymous said...

display your RSS feeds on their web sites for content.

Anonymous said...

What If This Could All Happen Automatically,
with a simple push of a button.....

J said...

hi supriya

are you in mumbai

please get in touch