In Solidarity With Action Hero, Neha Rastogi

This is domestic abuse.
To live in terror
In your home.
10 years.

I Never Ask For It

Abhishek Gattani, the co-founder and CEO of Cuberon, Silicon Valley threatened to murder his wife, Neha Rastogi. He verbally, physically and emotionally abused her, humiliated her.

Neha said she was always made to believe it was her fault. He would hit her while she was breastfeeding their child, because he felt she “wasn’t doing it right.” Or make her stand at the edge of the bed for hours, hit her if she did not do it.

Neha recorded an incident, the audio and video is disturbing to view. It was used as evidence in court. Assistant district attorney, Steve Fein gave Gattani 13 days in prison , reduced his charges from felony assault to felony accessory, prosecutors argued amounted to years of domestic abuse. The presiding judge of the case was absent that day. Pro-tem judge Rodney Stafford decided to delay the sentencing until May 18, after the presiding judge of the case, Danner had returned.

Full story reported at the Daily Beast here


Spaces of violence are interconnected. Violence and abuse has long been justified across spaces, from the public to the private, street, home, office, campus, web. I Never Ask For It is a world wide call to end violence.If domestic violence, intimate partner violence,  and blame speak to you too, reach out at actionhero@blanknoise.org

Action Hero Happily Unmarried, Freshly Divorced steps into shape the I Never Ask For It mission with her story.

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