List of Protests in Bangalore In Response To Molestation On New Years Eve

Hosted by a range of organisations, communities and citizen led initiatives

7th Jan, Saturday,  11 am - 1 pm
Human chain outside Vidhan Soudha/ Karnataka High Court
Touch Me Not
Led by Bangaloreans, citizens, groups

7th Jan, Saturday,  4 30 pm - 6 pm
Cubbon Park, Bandstand
#WomenInThePark : affirming our right to enjoy public spaces
Bring a books, music, games
Led by She Collective Hub

7th Jan, Saturday, 7 pm
M.G. Road and Brigade Road
Led by Citizens For Bengaluru ( organisation)

10th January Tuesday 5 p.m  
M.G. Road and Brigade Road Outside Cauvery Emporium
“Reclaim the space. Dress the way you wish! Let us be visible and stand united!” Join us on 10th January 2017 at 5 p.m in M.G. Road and Brigade Road to reclaim the space. Dress the way you wish! Let us be visible and stand united!
Contact : 080 25492783 Email: vimochana79@gmail.com; kavi.naturesmiles@gmail.com
Led by Vimochana, The Forum for Women's Rights, concerned students, citizens, working women from all sectors.

11th January Wednesday 8-9 pm
Led by a cohort of activists/ groups including Why Loiter , Safe City, Fem Positive,
Also on 8th January, Sunday meet at  Bandstand, Cubbon Park 4:30 PM onwards on Saturday

January 14th 11:30 am- 2:30 pm
Led by Bengalore citizens
Contact : Sangam Iyer: +919916285577

January 14th, Saturday 4 pm - 9 pm
M.G. Road / Brigade Road
Unite To End Blame. No Excuse
Together, we are strong.We are safe.
We resonate. I Never Ask For It.
Action built by public participation:
Bring along the garment you wore when you experienced any kind of sexual violence, threat , intimidation, abuse. Your garment is your story, your witness, your truth. You are not alone.
Led by Blank Noise, allies, and its Action Heroes/citizens ie you.
Contact : actionhero@blanknoise.org  +91.9886840612

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Here's another event https://www.facebook.com/events/106362456536564/?ti=cl