Akeli Awara Azaad : Freedom From Fear

The Right To Live, Walk, Speak, Unwarned. No Excuse For Sexual or Gender Based Violence. I Never Ask For It. 
100 Action Heroes across X places will walk #AkeliAwaaraAzaad in their cities, towns, villages, countries on September 25th. Sign up between August 15th- September 10, 2016 : email in actionhero@blanknoise.org
All Action Heroes will be connected to their city co ordinators, and sport a Akeli, Awaara Azaad T shirt ( also in four other languages). Akeli Awaara Azaad means, to be alone, an unattached wanderer and free. 

To be alone, to be wandering, to be free asserts our right to live unwarned , especially on Independence Day. We ask for freedom from fear. To live in environment of warnings , is to be told, “ if you experienced violence , perhaps
you were not being careful enough” . Warnings lead to blame. Blame leads to shame and silence.Silence perpetuates sexual violence. 

To participate , partner, associate or volunteer towards organising #AkeliAwaaraAzaad , connect at actionhero@blanknoise.org

Happy Independence Day To All Action Heroes from the Blank Noise Team! 

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