Call For Evidence Gatherers

Dear Action Heroes,

We have been working behind the scene this past month and are now reaching out to those of you who would like to be part of our testimonial building/ evidence gathering team for the I Never Ask For It campaign.

If you're interested in volunteering time towards this specifically, please do get in touch at the earliest. 
e: ineveraskforit@gmail.com subject titled Building Evidence 

This is process is divided in three phases. Phase 1 deadline April 20.
We will be sharing further details after your initial email.

Evidence building team includes:
Abhisikta - Hyderabad
Ila - Hyderabad
Teressa - Toronto 
Denisse - Toronto 
Naksha - Pune
Maria - Barcelona
Satya - Ulm
Shalini - Bangalore
Monica-  Bangalore
Priyanka - Bangalore
Anjora - Goa
Farya - Mumbai
Inti - Bueno Aries 
Lijya - Bangalore / Pune
You ?

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