New Action Heroes Include!

We're thrilled to welcome the following Action Heroes to Blank Noise as volunteers and interns.

Khushboo Ranka - Delhi
Satya Gummulri - Germany
Vira Mistry - Bangalore
Aarushi Sood- Chandigarh
Raahat Varma - Ludhiana
Avani Tandon - Delhi/ Mumbai
Emily Griffith - Wales, UK
Anjali Katta- Canada

* This list will be updated by November 24th 2014.

Making visible the contribution of Action Heroes over this year.
Here's to each of you for the extra effort and action!

Rishita Nandagiri - Bangalore
Nirbheek Chauhan - Bangalore
Sascha Hughes Caley - Philadelphia
Lijya Perayil - Bangalore

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