Attention Action Heroes Worldwide : Call To Volunteer/ Intern

We're on full gear preparing for the I  Never Ask For It campaign ; designed to tackle and arrest blame across spaces of sexual violence. 

With this we're creating a Global Action Hero Network. This is a call for new internships (duration 4 months) , and to volunteer (time involvement can be designed by you in collaboration with us)
  • You can volunteer/ intern from where you are geographically located
  • You are also welcome to work with us from our studio in Bangalore, India
  • We can match your area of interest / skills with campaign requirements
  • Last day for application October 15th
  • We will get back to you by November 1st, 2014

Please do write to us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com incase of any questions. 
If you have already volunteered with BN in the past and would like to re connect,  we would be thrilled to have you back!

There is no application criteria and we've been built 100% by Action Heroes, i.e you.

Do forward this to those interest, encourage people around you to apply. Yes we want Action Hero Grandmas to apply too!

We're currently particularly seeking individuals with an interest in video editing, sound editing, 
illustration, comics, communication design ( web and print) , programming, research , multi lingual skills, fund raising. 

Have stated that, one of our recent interns from Bangalore did none of the above, and chose to work with the police.
Another set of volunteers / Action Heroes include law students from Kolkata.  
A new Action Hero has moved to Bangalore from Norway and is taking the deep plunge into a participatory research project that is part of the campaign. We will be sharing internship and volunteer contributed projects shortly.

In solidarity,
Blank Noise Team 

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