Things I Am Not : Word and Meaning Revised 2014

This archive has been built via a Blank Noise Action Hero Workshop
With the Tibetan Community in Exile. Tibetan Women's Association.

First version of 'Things I am Not ' was published in 2007.  Action Heroes send in food names they had been hooted at , songs sung to, and other adjectives/ insults.

We created an Action Hero workshop with the Tibetan Community in Exile, Tibetan Women's Association  in Dharamsala this August. One component of the workshop involved creating a list of names women had been called. Part of the process is in articulating an insult , verbalising it, rejecting it, sharing it. This also leads to building insight for further intervention.

Guideline for submission:
1. Please mention your origin / ethnicity
2. Where did you hear it ? ( place )
3. Who said it ?

Please email in at blurtblanknosie@gmail.com subject titled THINGS I AM NOT

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