Tapas Pal :

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Tapas Pal is reported to be in hospital and has been advised complete bed rest.
report dated July 8. 2014

Who is Tapas Pal?
Tapas Pal is an actor, and member of Parliament from the Trinamool Congress.

Here's what took him to hospital:
1. While addressing a rally pre elections (date) Tapas Pal made statements instigating violence against women. He threatened rape.
 "If any CPM [Communist Party of India - Marxist] man is present here, listen to me. If you ever touch any Trinamool Congress worker or their families, you have to pay for this.If any rival touches any Trinamool woman, father or child, then I will ruin their generations. I will let loose my boys, they will commit rape. Yes, they will commit rape," the MP warned.
2. The video of him addressing the rally and instigating rape was released by the media on June 30th.
3. The release of the video sparked outrage and several activists have demanded his arrest
4. The Trinamool congress said it was 'insensitive of him', Mamta Banerjee called it a 'big blunder'
 Derek O Brian mentioned that Mamta Banerjee is 'hopping mad'. Since then the Trinamool party has taken no further action.
5. Tapas Pal is reported to have submitted a written apology. His party has accepted his apology.
6. Derek o Brian insisted we read it, across several television channels.

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In the meantime , A PIL has been filed against Tapas Pal by a lawyer Samit Sanyal , report dated July 2nd, 2014

Tapas Pal urgently needs the following for complete recovery:
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blog post compiled by Action Heroes Lijya Perayil and Jasmeen Patheja.

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