Dear Action Heroes, One More Question.

When have you felt most safe?


* Tell us. By April 25th.
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Elizabeth said...

I have felt really safe only in my home. Every where else I have to constantly be on my guard - walking down the street to the bus stand, in the bus, even while travelling in a train or aeroplane, I always worry if someone will say something obscene or touch my body or is staring at my body. Even in my workplace I am uncomfortable with a couple of my colleagues and students - they stare at my breast when I am talking to them. So the place I feel the safest is my home.

Sujani K said...

I have felt particularly unsafe in some places, but safety is never on my mind unless something happens and I question my reaction to it - could I have been more aggressive and shamed/ hurt the guy? But there is no felling of 'safety'.
Anyways, this question makes it looks like we are the mercy of the world - which we are- but I feel we live in this world and we can only prepare for assaults as much as we can. Like learning self-defense and responding and shaming an offender - no matter how odd we might appear to passers-by.

Unknown said...

I felt Safe when I put the Eye Glass at the Door, an intercom phone, a CCTV Camera at the Door of my House.