Small Step. To Tweet

Your tweet can raise funds for Blank Noise
It's a quick and simple process.
One tweet from you brings Blank Noise Rs.100. You can tweet up to 6 times 
Calling Action Heroes  here . It doesn't work unless you tweet from that link itself.

Here's how you can endorse our work:
Tweet 1> the tweet mentioned in the template
Tweet 2 upto Tweet 6 > tell why you support Blank Noise
or feel free to refer to the template below
" I support Blank Noise for increasing awareness about street sexual harassment"
"I support Blank Noise for making me believe, I Never Ask For It "
"I support Blank Noise for rejecting blame. No excuse for sexual violence I Never Ask For It "
"I support Blank Noise Action Heroes for occupying the city, fearless."
" I stand a proud #ActionHero "
" I support Blank Noise for establishing it's never eveteasing. It's sexual violence"
The link adds its own #tweet4change hashtag

One tweet goes a long way. 
A big huge thank you for your support

This event has been built by Jaago Re to support six organisations addressing violence against women.

In solidarity
Blank Noise Action Heroes

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