Inderjit Kaur- in solidarity with One Billion Rising

 My name is Inderjit Kaur. I am from Burma, Mogok. I live in Calcutta now. I am 81 years of age. I want to tell you my story. I was about seven years old when WW2 occurred in Burma and the rest of the world. The Japanese military had already reached Rangoon. The roads had been blocked. Air and ship routes had also been blocked.  Every road had been blocked. My father said that women, girls and children were more in threat of the army attack. The military can 'force' themselves (zabardasti for  sexual violation and rape). My father feared that the military would attack Mogok very soon and insisted that we left our town that very night. He was afraid we might not be able to escape if we delayed. That same night our beds were packed, we were put in car and we reached Mandalay.  We were a group of hundred. There were mostly women and children. The men stayed back in Mogok but some came with us. My father got left behind. We reached Mandalay and got on bullock carts. We were on the bullock carts for 15 days - going through jungles. Then we got onto the boats. We crossed the Brahmaputra river. Then we walked over the mountains and hills. Then we got the train to Lahore.
I studied in Lahore for two - three years.  (pause)

Then I moved to Sargoda in Chaoni and got admission to a new institution. I had a friend there. Her name is Mauzabeen. We used to go to school together.

She would often tell me " We wont take this route. let's go this way. "
I would ask "why?"
She would say " no. the boys tease/ harass on this road"

We have seen lots. This shouldn't happen. Girls should be given freedom to roam and wander.
I have thought of this and that's why I support One Billion Rising.
You must join in as well. The violence in this world has to stop. We must end it.

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