Pallavi , You and Me

Mumbai lawyer murdered for yelling at security guard

Pallavi wasn't murdered for yelling at  the security guard.

She was murdered because the man who murdered her believed he could. 
She was murdered because we live in a 'culture' that finds excuses for murder- nothing 'provoked' 
murder/ attack/ violence.  There is no such thing as 'honour killing' - it's murder. There is no such thing as 'asking for it'.
She was murdered because there are more than few men who have anger issues and have been allowed to have anger issues because they are 'men'.  Masculinities needs some serious urgent attention.  
She was murdered because her neighbours kept their doors shut tight.

A city isn't unsafe for woman- just by itself.  

You make it safe when you don't ignore, dismiss or trivialise violence.
You make it safe when you don't let fear overtake your spirit. Streets would always be safer if there were more of YOU / me outside. NO?
You make it safe when you let someone being assaulted know you are there for them. ( street violence / domestic violence/ all violence- Do send in strategies on how the 3rd person could intervene)
You make it safe when you report to the cop. ( yes we know the cops have a LOT of work to do on earning public trust BUT )  
You make it safe when you recognise there are fewer people who set out to harm, and more people living in fear of being harmed. You are part of the latter. Make that fear your strength.


Anonymous said...

I happened to come across this post accidently after being harassed by a mob last night. I was driving my car through a very busy street when it accidently hit the foot rest of a bike parked on the road. A crowd mostly drunken men gathered around demanding I get down from the car and assess the damage . Being dark and feeling quite unsafe I told the bike owner I was no expert in assessing and offered to pay for the damage. He started abusing me and started to demand 1000 rs which I refused. Unfortunately I did not have my mobile with me and could not call the police. I told the bike owner that my husband could be contacted and they can settle the issue. The man called the number and told and in the ten minutes time it took for my husband to reach the site , there was a crowd of about fifty drunkards abusing me and I could not find a single 'man' willing to argue my case. The crowd was unanimous that I should be taught a lesson for being bold enough not to get out of the car even when they were banging the doors....I feel so disgusted and feel such incidents can happen to any 'woman' daring to question a 'man'. I will never make the mistake of travelling without a mobile phone and hope no woman undergoes the same pathetic state I was in last night.... SO PLEASE WOMEN HAVE YOUR MOBILE PHONE WITH ALL THE POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS HANDY IN A SPEED DIAL MODE
Bindu, Trivandrum

blank noise action hero said...

Hi Action Hero Bindu Thank you for braving this.
this incident shows a lack of empathy and basic humanity.
some men and their displaced rage-and no one 'man enough' to intervene sensibly.
How did the situation die out? What happened when your husband arrived?
We can continue the conversation here and or on email blurtblanknoise at gmail.com
Power and strength to you. Team BN

GANESH said...

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J said...

Read up on what is happening in Egypt -India could do with something like this as well. And why is there not a single post on this page after 15th Aug?