The Liril soap adverts have changed in the most subtle of ways over the decades.
The first Liril soap advert on indian television in late 1970s early 80s until 2000.
What caused the minor shifts? morality? censorship?

Liril advert early 80s

Liril advert late 80s

Liril advert early 90s

Liril advert late 90s

Liril advert early 2000


Anonymous said...

This reminded me of reading this bit from the book 'a double life' - Alyque Padamsee with Arun Prabhu. Alyque Padamsee was the former Chief Executive of Lintas: India. Lintas was the ad agency that made the Liril ad.
He spoke about having put forward a film idea of a girl bathing under the waterfall, for a Rexona soap ad, to Gian Bahl. It goes like this:
"Disaster struck at my first meeting with Hindustan Lever. I put forward a film idea for Rexona soap which featured (hold your breath!) a girl bathing under a waterfall. Gian Bahl, the General Advertising Manager, was aghast. 'You are outraging the modesty of Indian womanhood across five hundred thousand villages.' I fought back, 'But sir, you yourself have said that a bar of soap is a bar of hope. I am only opening a fantasy world for them which is an extension of Hindi cinema.'
Gian gave me his most withering scorn, 'You Oxford dons know nothing about rural India. Bring me a script with a girl bathing in a bathroom. And make sure the bathroom has no fancy tiles!' Many years later, of course, I was to trot out my favourite fantasy of the girl in the waterfall for Liril soap, just beating Raj Kapoor to the punch when he had Zeenat Aman doing her titillating wet number in 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram'."
I guess we should go back to the grass-root level and the context of the ad as to how its inception happened, to ponder over its subtle changes over the decades. Maybe everything needs to be taken into consideration, like the people who had a part to play in the making of the ad, right from the time it was created till the 'Deep sea' ad of early 2000. By the early 2000 a lot of cultural changes had taken place along with the rise of religious-fanatic political parties, whose goons seemed to think it to be their 'right' to moral police the youngsters.
Thank you Blank Noise, a good bit of food for thought the Liril ad made!!

love sms said...

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