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ashirwaad-holiday-apts-goa said...

What's the purpose of this exercise?

Anonymous said...

Boukak, french, from bougnoule (swear word for arabs, from wolof language,"ñuul", meaning, what is balck) and macaque, (monkey, swear word for a black poeple). A "boukak" is equally a black or an arab person. It's very very insulting.


Do you swear? Which language do you swear in? Do you know the meaning of the swear words you use?
Are you feminist? Is swearing reflective of cultural attitudes towards the body? towards women (mothers and sisters)
Have you found yourself reacting to a street harasser with a swear word that could be attacking the harassers mother or sister?
What is the future of swear words; eg would the term 'bastard' hold meaning or shame for someone who chooses to be a single parent/mother?
What are the cultural ingredients of 'insult'?

DJfossil said...

You tick, you blister, you blighter, you worm!

That's PG Wodehouse at his best...

some cool action hero said...


via twitter Sepia Verse said...

On Sunday 27th March 2011, @sepiaverse said:

@BLANK_NOISE it isn't, i was being sarcastic, a misconception held by many 'elite' who consider obscenity to be determined by socio-economic realities..familiarity blunts the edges as it were, so if a friend calls you bitch, it loses the connotation, but hearing a rickshaw guy swear makes you cringe.. we need to revisit what offends us & why @polgrim

via twitter. sepia verse said...

@polgrim @BLANK_NOISE I told my students that calling one 'saala' is euphemistically saying 'i'll sleep with your sister' & they were agape!

via twitter Maesy Angelina said...

In Indonesia, the most popular swear words are apparently haram animals or (bad) supernatural beings.

conversations from facebook- Sidharth Verma said...

Sidharth Verma
BC, MC is good gaali for eve teaser
31 March at 23:42 · LikeUnlike ·

Blank Noise this is not an attempt to collect gaalis for eveteasers. this is an attempt to think about swearing. language. meaning. intention. source of insult. to think about what is
02 April at 13:48 · LikeUnlike
Blank Noise insulting and why.
02 April at 13:48 · LikeUnlike
Blank Noise and how much of insulting someone is linked to the body.
02 April at 13:48 · LikeUnlike
Blank Noise so if you say MC OR BC - are you perpetuating a situation? threatening to attack the 'eve-teasers' mother or sister?
02 April at 13:50 · LikeUnlike · 3 people3 people like this.
Blank Noise not just a situation- but a thought process and an attitude.
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via facebook said...

Pushpa Moorjani wrote on the Wall for ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS.

Pushpa wrote:
"I don't use any swear words, nver have..the strongest word that I have used in anger is stupid or idiot"

Blank Noise said...

Rustom Mody wrote on the Wall for ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS.

Rustom wrote:
"arent they usually connected to taboos - incest (MC BC), religion (omg), sexual organs (bollox), sex/prostitution and excrement. Are there any swear words that arent connected to these famous five?"

via facebook said...

Anjali Rawat commented on ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS's Wall post.
Anjali wrote: "No. I don't swear and I hate people who swear unnecessarily and that too involving disrespect to women...One may say I am a feminist but standing against swearing is sth any sensible person shud do nt just a feminist..It has become a manifestation of our highly patriarchal society and a way to treat women as chattels...Blanknoise is doing a gr8 job. Kudos! :D"


Parinitha Konanur commented on ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS's Wall post.
Parinitha wrote: "I dont have too much problem with swearing, but as you say one can easily observe that most swear words are patriarchal and chauvinistic, why a woman needs to be held responsible for bad events - happenings? from the times of Eve ... we have been seeing that ... I started using swear words which arent gender specific long ago :-) ..."

Blank Noise said...

Nivedita Kashyap wrote on the Wall for ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS.

Nivedita wrote:
"The strongest word I use is 'fuck', mostly in situations when, say, I drop something heavy on my foot or when I forget something important for work at home. Literally, it just means 'sex'. Or am I wrong?"


Di Bundy commented on ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS's Wall post.
Di wrote: "yes i swear, yes I am a feminist, yes I always know the meaning of the swear word I am using, in the original language of my people there were no swear words, so I swear in English and Hindi, in my culture the insult has more to do with demeaning the honor of the person and we have words for that, I swear in self defense and for shock or humor value"

amit kendurkar via facebook said...

Amit Kendurkar wrote on the Wall for ACTION HEROES RE-EXAMINE SWEAR WORDS.

Amit wrote:
"अरे जा रे हट नटखट, ना छू रे मेरा घूँघट
पलट के दूंगी आज तुझे गाली रे
मुझे समझो ना तुम भोली भाली रे

Navrang (1959). Director: RV Shantaram
Lyrics: Bharat Vyas. Music: C Ramchandra"

via Trisham Dey said...

via trisham dey

neeru said...

I swear. Quite a lot and yes most of the terms that I use are the ones that have been listed here and at a lot of places. I started swearing in school, just for fun. Later it was for the people who used to sexually harass on the streets. But now it's more because I always see this taboo around women using swear words while men who use the same swear words, keep justifying their own action with 'ladkiyan gaali deti hui achi nahi lagti'. I don't like to label myself as a feminist but I do believe and stand for a lot of issues that concern sexuality.

I know that most of the swear words de-grade women and using them inspite of being aware of this usually stems from my discontent with the monopoly that men seem to enjoy with these swear words, as if it is their property!!

haven't been very politically correct with this post, but just letting another perspective out..

Priya said...

Swear words generally have meaning that dishonors women... So I think If a women uses it she's ultimately targeting herself only.. At least we can inculcate good ethics in future generations so that this abuse gets mitigated..The pace at which people specially young children are adopting these disgraceful habits..We are not sure where the world is heading to..

Anonymous said...

Why swear at all? Surely it's widely agreeable that swearing is a bad thing...so why do something intentionally bad? It's definitely not impossible. Ask the people who don't swear. Think about it...