amidst fathers brothers husbands and unclejis

A big thank you in advance for reflecting, confronting and articulating responses to the questions below. Your responses will be published on the Blank Noise Guy blog in March (date to be announced). Incase you do not wish your name to be published, please provide us with another name. You can also fill this form here. For any questions, clarifications, suggestions- we're at blurtblanknoise at gmail.com . And another thank you in advance for taking these not so comfortable conversations home :)
Yours truly,
BN Team


Athira R Menon said...

hey is this still active?In cochin?if so please mail me at athirarmenoon@gmail.com
we need some quick action ppl!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

please make blank noise active in hyderabad...iam ready to work for it.

Unknown said...

hey please make blank noise actine in hyderabad. i really want to work for it