amongst fathers husbands brothers and uncle-jis

Ever chatted with dad + uncles + grandfather + brothers + husbands + boyfriend about and street sexual harassment? O
r is it just one of those things you 'understood' without having to discuss?
Or would you take a chance and get talking about it with your father or uncles or grandfather or your brother in the next one month?

Send your response/ thoughts/ memories/ conversations in an email or a blog post to blurtblanknoise at gmail com subject titled 'papa said'/ 'abba said'/ 'dad said'/ or brother/ uncle/ grandfather said deadline: feb 21 To confirm your participation in this event do email us immediately and announce this event on your blog/ twitter / fb page to spread the word.

For any questions thoughts suggestions please write to us.

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Vaingluory said...

I wonder why is husband not included in this list?

i said...

please read the title of this post.

Anonymous said...

well, i've often found my dad staring at women walking on the road, quite pointedly...like when he's driving, and he passes a girl he turns back and stares at her for a sec or two...and all the while I'M RIGHT THERE!

I mean what the heck is that....why are girls so alien, like you've to ogle at them? :S

I'd want to talk about this to him, but i really dunno how to bring it up. Even though my dad is really free about talking stuff like sex, etc., but this is so subjective, isn't it? =/

vinnie said...

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