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Unknown said...

i am ashamed that women in this country cannot step out of their house and not encounter harassment. looking at the questionnaire on this page makes me wonder if we are not a flawed nationality. i have never heard so many cases of threatening behaviour that women in other countries are subjected to. i shudder with horror when news about sexual attacks on girls and women are reported from every city in this country. i am nauseated when i hear about how the brave men of this nation form a group to torture and molest ONE female. i am driven to despair when the age of the victim gets lower every day. if the leaders of this country are fighting to save the girl child, shouldn't they be asked: WHY? what is the quality of life we are guaranteeing the hapless girl? are we offering a fruitful, happy and productive life? what has any woman of 21 undergone right from her birth: anxious parents, obscene attentions from strangers, violence in many forms, servitude to males - all this if she is lucky. what if she is not?

Unknown said...

recently, a garbage bin in bapunagar, ahmedabad, was found to contain 14 female foetuses. what campaign to save the girl child? when MOTHERS-in-law are the ones demanding a male heir, when a husband is murdering his own daughter in the womb, are we still pretending we as a nation honour women? a female president, CMs, governors, DIGs, defence commanders. all window dressing. what a shame

r said...

What happened to Saptarshi's cool post? Not related? I thought it did in a way. Did you put it here by mistake?

RiĆ  said...

Yes, that was a totally weird accusation to make...till when will women b blamed for things tht they r not responsible for!! I hate it and it is disgraceful and downright disgusting...the sad truth indeed.

Haddock said...

This is a perenial problem in India and is not stemmed mainly because of the "I have not seen anything" attitude of the public in general.