Women's Reservation Bill : Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam Singh Yadav : 'If the women's reservation bill were to be passed in its existing form, it would result in flooding the parliament and state legislatures with wives of government officials and women connected with big industrial houses, thereby provoking young men to indulge in eve-teasing.'

“I don't like to say this, but they would be the women at whom youths would whistle.”



  1. What an utterly foolish statement.
    Are women supposed to remain in 'purdah' forever, Mr.Singh?

  2. Shruti12:39 pm

    how irresponsible and illogical. and he of all people shouldn't talk of what the youth would or would not do.

  3. I haven't heard ANYTHING so ridiculous since the seventies! Is this guy seriously in charge of anything serious? I mean please! Get him off his high horse and onto the streets where women are already eve teased, raped and burned alive!

  4. mulayam ji ka brain mulayam ho gaya hai lagta hai

  5. Private interests are an issue, but what does eve-teasing have to do with the price of eggs? Any stupid reason.

  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    what an asshole

  7. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Joy to the world! Mulayam Singh Yadav has effectively given the go-ahead for eve-teasing in Parliament. Will he now lobby for an eve-teasers immunity bill?

  8. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Is he saying something because he 'has' to say something?

  9. kirtana5:22 pm

    i read this and say- poor ignorant and in denial mulayam singh yadav. he definitely 'asks for it' when he gets this comments bashing

  10. action hero5:29 pm

    mulayam singh 'ji' assumes that it's YOUNG MEN ONLY who 'EVE TEASE' and it is RICH WOMEN/ UPPER MIDDLE CLASS WOMEN ONLY who get 'EVE-TEASED'-
    what impact does he want to create by making a statement like that? does he think that will deter women from being members of parliament?

    i agree about the women's bill need to be inclusive- it should ideally have representatives from women across socio cultural economic stratas of the country but having said that, this 33 % reservation is a big step in itself. it is promising, hopeful, a step towards seeing women as CITIZENS, when we have more women in parliament, more women as decision makers.

  11. He assumes that only 'wives' and the very rich women will only come into the parliament.
    He assumes that it is natural for women to be eve-teased.
    He assumes that all Indian men, including those who get elected to the parliament will be eve-teasers who cannot but look at women as objects to be eve-teased.
    He assumes that eve-teasing will go on and on and the gender (and therefore the looks and the clothes) of an elected parliament member is anyway more important than what they do or say.
    And he is saying that nobody including himself will do anything about it, even if women are harassed in the parliament.
    Therefore, women, even in the highest echelons of power must expect a treatment not like any other individual, but like an object, and should not be surprised about it.
    What a man!
    And if all of this is not assumption but the truth, then, what a country!
    Sad to be an Indian.

  12. girl who laughs6:27 pm

    it isn't sad to be Indian! we just can't let a MULAYAM SINGH YADAV define Indianness for us. I'm Indian and I LOVE being one!

  13. I can just laugh at such a foolish statement...hw do these people make it to the Parliament????

  14. as a threat that women (even those who are govt officials wives and esp those from big industrial houses) will be eve-teased if they make it to the parliament... i guess he and his like will discover soon enough that it will take so much more than "eve teasing" to keep women off governance and power positions.

  15. hanumantha rao jarubula7:58 pm

    Absolutely NONSENCE talk.He should be ASHAMED of saying this.

    hanumantha rao jarubula.

  16. Well,he's just another dumb asshole!

  17. Mulayam Singh just proved once more that Parliament is just a sad place with people like him around. I think that Women's reservation Bill or any other bill for that matter cannot make any difference until and unless this mindset is changed.

  18. if the bill is passed (which it was), Mulayam and his ilk will be less in number. and, hey, any woman would better than that asshole...

  19. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Oh! Perhaps, Mulayam was once an eve teaser.

  20. Finally....Mr.Mulayam wanted to say that men including those who get elected to the parliament will be eve teaser.It is very sad to know that even in this liberal country still the way of thinking is for women is such in a bad situation....how can he put up such an utterly idiotic statement?....I wonder how do these people make it to the parliament?....it proves that even in higher official states there is no so much of freedom for women....i think its time for him to take rest....