There's a facebook plan. Are you game?

Hello Blank Noise!
Be an Action Hero.
*now on facebook

here's why:

Women get blamed and they often blame themselves for the street sexual harassment/ violence or 'eve teasing' that they experience.

But we unapologetic-ally believe :
No matter what I’m wearing, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter what my body type or size is, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter where I am, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter when I am out, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter the fact that I was alone, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter what language I’m using or my skin colour, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
Street sexual harassment, violence, or eve teasing is an unwanted experience that I dont 'deserve' because of who I am. Now it's your turn to be an Action Hero. How do you think you NEVER ASK FOR IT? Add your thoughts to this message and share with 20 friends (male and female)

Here's how:

Interested in the cause? Visit *http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?oid=2703755288&view=all* and use one of the provided pictures as your profile picture and make a statement with your status message!

eg: " your message. I never ask for it "
starting Sept 4th until Sept 11th
It only takes 5 minutes of your time to take a stand! Do it today!
You can also pitch in by sending this message to your friends.
Yours truly
Blank Noise Team

team includes:
project conceived by Tanvee Nabar/ Pooja Gupta image credit: Neha Bhat
thanks to Prerna Bishnoi, Piyush Kashyap, Kinshuk Surjan, Shrikar Marur, Saumitra Chandratreya


r said...

I had to crop mine. I think a square format is more facebook friendly.

bLOGGEr said...

i am game. im going to use [No matter what time of the day and night i am out , I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT']

---- apoorva bhandari

bn girl said...

thanks for pointing it out rhea. the current format works well though as a profile photo but maybe not as an icon. love it never the less. neha bhat designed it. pooja gupta and tanvee nabar designed the event!

Anonymous said...

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