Blank Noise Spectators Special continues:

Blank Noise Spectators Special was created as an attempt to understand the bystander in regard to street sexual harassment. More often than not survivors/ 'us' refrain from creating a scene because there have been times when the public has just stood there watching. How should the public react? We don't and would not like to prescribe a formula for how public should react- which is why we open it to you- to share experiences of how you as a spectator to street sexual harassment became a witness and showed support. If you were unable or reluctant to show support we would like to know what stopped you.

Every individual makes the public split into survivors, spectators and 'perpetrators'.
Tell us your version of the story.

Like always, we encourage you to take the discussions home- speak to your neighbours, family members, friends, strangers..find out, discover and share it at

You could use this form. BNSblog will be updated every weekend.

some notes to spectators. some notes of spectators
Sabah Ahsan Malik
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Mourya said...

What u think that harassement will end up No. The more rush, the more population will surly increase more harassement.

college board said...

Very interesting post. Well when there is so much a new. Many thanks.