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The public on the street comprises of those who 'experience' street sexual harassment, i.e. the survivors; those who cause street sexual harassment i.e the perpetrators and those who witness street sexual harassment i.e the spectators.

Our very own stat counter on the right hand bar of the page says that 22% of the Blank Noise blog visitors are spectators. Now its your turn to speak!

Most cases of street sexual violence go unnoticed because they are intangible , can be doubted as 'accidental brush/ touch' ( strictly in the Indian context). More often than not the survivor feels embarrassment and shame for being sexually violated and does not wish to draw further attention. Some survivors of street sexual violence don't seek public support because of the fear that 'the public' may not always show support, act indifferent, or be one more face in the crowd watching the scene.

Blank Noise Spectators Special asks members of the public, both men and women to share what they witnessed. What was your first reaction? Was it to intervene? Was it to ignore? What did you do? What would you rather have done? Can you share your thoughts about being a spectator. If you have been a 'special spectator' , that is, intervened in the situation, please tell us how! Was it with wit and humor? Or did physically assault the 'perpetrator'? Did you walk away? Or call the cops? Or gather a crowd? Or see another spectator take charge of the situation and participate in any way.

To participate in this online event please register by emailing us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com subject titled Blank Noise Spectators Special. Link this post to your blog, and send in your blog address. We will add you to the list below. Deadline for your post on being a spectator is August 15th.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BLOG: no problem. what matters is your point of view. Register with us via email anyways. We will publish your ideas on the Blank Noise blog on Aug 15.

This event hopes to be one in the series of events planned in bringing together 'survivors'(http://blanknoiseactionheroes.blogspot.com), 'perpetrators' (male only event coming soon) and 'spectators'.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Blank Noise Team

The Spectators Special list of participants:

Kis Nakai( Kis does not have a blog to publish the Spectators Special. Her text will be published on the Blank Noise Blog on Aug 15)

Suparna Kudesia

Ritambhara Mehta

Madhu Agarwal

Saptarshi at urinnersmile

Chandrashekhar Bhattacharya

Rikimi Madhukaillya

Smriti Chanchani

Sarah Khan

Abhishek Baxi

Dale Copley

Trishima Mitra Kahn

Aparna Hajnis

Natasha Hemrajani

Kabir Sarin

Anant Shukla

Jasmeen Patheja

Shaji Krishnan

Varna Shri Raman

Jamie Finlay

Aparajita Sharma

Joann Canning

Fahd Hussein

Anshika Varma

Amit Vardhan

Amandeep Kaur

Ishwinder Jauhar

Preeti Mangala Shekhar

Nitin Sarin

Hemangini Gupta

Kasmin Fernandes

Devika Dave

Seema Seth

Vaishnavi Bhaskaran

Nadia Saggi

Preksha Kothari

Dhruva Ghosh

Sanjana Janardhan


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Mohnish said...

This was just a couple of weeks ago

I noticed one of the house keeping fellas staring lecherously at most of the girls in the gym. He would find the perfect place to get the best view Few days I ignored coz didnt wanna interfere coz it seemed I was the only one bothered, trying to reason at times vent it by saying dont these girls have better attire (i guess i had forgotten they cant workout in sarees or salwars)
few days I stared at him so as to scare him, few days I thought its a 'guy thing' to do ie look at women but these were all excuses substituting my cowardice from Day 1.
I finally acted and complained about this fella to the manager who happens to be a woman. That too was embarrassing since none of the girls had ever bothered to complain or even notice what was going on. She promised action and she delivered. I was told she screamed at him like crazy. I do notice him now and hes a changed man. I felt a wee bit empowered that I finally did something.

Its still difficult to speak up for a woman fearing she'll turn ard and humiliate me...

J said...

thanks for sharing this mohnish. have you ever spoken up for a woman and felt humiliated by 'her ' instead? or heard of such cases? please share. thanks

J said...

thanks for sharing this mohnish. have you ever spoken up for a woman and felt humiliated by 'her ' instead? or heard of such cases? please share. thanks

Mohnish said...


This was Oct 12, 2005 I think it was Dussehra. I was waiting to cross the road with my friend (she used to say I'm like her younger bro) and these hooligans who were passing by on a truck threw some gulal(red color) on all the people standing there...she was visibly disturbed (no1 teased her as such) but the angry guy I was back then followed these guys in a rick, left my belongings and stopped the truck (I still dunno why I did that) I kept abusing which angered them all and about 25-30 people attacked me. This was all in the presence of some 20 odd policemen btw since it was a festival. just a couple of them intervened and they allowed them to proceed while I went to the station to file a complaint. Meanwhile the auto guy took my wallet, mobile coz I left that behind. No the police did nothing at all. Said I would need to file a case n shit. I followed up for a couple of weeks, went to court but finally gave up. No1 supported and my so called sis would make jokes how silly the whole thing was. Leave alone a thanks she didnt even bother to find out what I was going thru. I still fear when I see huge crowds. I rarely spoke to this girl coz she reminded me of the incident. But very recently I patched things with her so its cool.

You asked me about the anger the other day (this is one of the many reasons) and I said its good if its 'adding value' well i guess I didn't add any value that afternoon :)
Yes now I do blame myself for acting in such an 'unnatural' way but I guess my maturity too wasn't quite there.

Why I said 'humiliated me' is basically guys feel the girls will think "oh hes trying to be a hero" You hear things like chauvinist or sexist and you just lose interest then...m not negating the fact that there are many of them btw who think its their 'duty' to protect women

Anonymous said...

@ mohnish

Hello, just wanted to ask you a question. Why did you complain about that gym guy, when the girls themselves did not mind his stares? Or did you have reason to believe that the girls were feeling uncomfortable but were hesitating to complain?

I appreciate your bravery in trying to face 25-30 people alone. For your own safety, please try to have a better back up in the future instead of counting on the police or the people around you.

Jane Hathaway said...

mohnish, my hat is off to you for your bravery and your feminist spirit!

Mohnish said...

@Coffee boy
I cant remain a mute spectator to such disgusting behavior. I talked myself outta of it a few times but could take it no longer. I can understand why women don’t come forward as I said it was embarrassing for me as well even though it didn’t concern me. The prob with us is we don’t go beyond I, me, my family. When 2 girls were assaulted here in Mumbai everyone spoke their minds but when it comes to taking action the same people back out. It’s a superficial show of courage to hide their cowardice or indifference I keep saying this, men stare as if they’re watching an alien doing squats or a UFO. However the challenge is to spk up against the so called ‘decent’ and ‘educated’ members as well. Few of them struggling actors ( Delhi’s dare‘devils’) and a few from affluent backgrounds but they’re all the same. I guess it was easier since it was a housekeeping fella on that occasion.
Thanks for the concern and the compliment …appreciate it but now when I look back I call it stupidity not bravery. Probably a silly act to boost the male ego which back fired :)
and my apologies for my sudden outbursts of anger every now n then. Its frustrating to see/hear about incidents and feel helpless.

I’ll take your hat coz you called me a Feminist (m not brave)…I used to think its girlie being called one but now I proudly declare it :)

In fact I salute an initiative such as Blank Noise...I hope to contribute someday :)

Anonymous said...


Mohnish said...

This is related to the very 1st post...i dont think things have changed at all. I see it everyday its getting me more agitated...if not him its another with the same mentality,. If i warn the girls they'll think I'm trying to strike up a convo so I dont bother. I've bin thinking to ask the Mgr to set up a sexual harassment desk o smthing but the question is the trouble I go thru to figure all this out will it bear any fruit since no one seems to be concerned or is it me over reacting?
I'm willing to make placards and distribute it on signals, in public transport as well. i know its a slow never ending process but it has to start somewhere. I dont think sexual harassment will ever end till women step up, speak up and take charge. This way I think their silence is taken for weakness or shyness(which most pervs like to believe)

Mohnish said...

I reached my bldg gate and heard a voice singing. When I looked behind there were 4 Bihari youths and in front was a woman in a pink kurta. I couldnt understand since I dont know the language but I got doubtful when I heard 'gulabo'. They seemed to be having a gala time, with hands on each others shoulders, fidgeting, trying to trip each other. I followed them till the woman crossed the road but while I was doing that I so badly wanted to slap one of them. A cop was stationed very close but I never expect them to move an inch. Those few steps were not easy, I must have had a million thoughts going thru my head. I dunno what to feel right now. To be honest Im still 99% sure and not 100 that it was sexual harassment that I was witnessing. When I see or hear such things I usually vent it out by abusing alone but i honestly dunno if that would help today. I felt like a 'fool' when i was following them. No one seemed to bother them except me...a thought crossed my mind that i should go home but I dunno what i was waiting for, an educated fellow following these rats. The woman looked disturbed as most women would be if you have men following you...she kept looking back ... honestly i was arguing she looked a lil worried coz she was trying to cross d street. They came very close to her while passing her and I think I was waiting for that so that I could pounce and beat the shit out of them...I dunno but not feeling too good abt the whole thing. The anger which i have against such people is indescribable but the worst thing is its only bothering me...thanks

Anonymous said...

Within a week, I have been both spectator and victim.
I wanted to post this on my blog, but I fear repercussions, and post it here anonymously. No matter how much dumb bravado I might have shown at that time, I think it is better that I remain anonymous now.
The first incident happened when I was travelling home in an auto.
7 pm and it was dark.
There was a minor accident on the road; another auto had fallen on a bike. The auto had righted itself, and it seemed that everyone was fine, except the girl sitting on the bike.
Immediately I had jumped out of my auto, and ventured to help.
(My mom had warned me not to ever get down from a broken down bus, and especially in the dark... But I didn’t for a moment think that it also applied to getting down from an auto, at 7 pm).
Too late, I realised that there was a crowd around me, and almost none of them was a woman.
I felt myself lightly groped, and I struck out at the person whom I thought did it.
He was an educated youth, maybe 23-24 years old, and well dressed.
He was very aggressive, and claimed that he did not do it, that I was wrong in hitting him.
I had got inside the auto by then, and I don’t know what dumb thought went inside my head, I sledged him, in English.
I thought then, that my end had come.
He ordered the auto driver to stop the auto, and I could almost hear him deliberating in his mind what would be the legal thing to do...I implored the auto driver to move out of the place (which he was unwilling to do, as they are always keen to support another auto driver in trouble).
My heartbeat didn’t return to normal till after I reached home.
For all our talk about women’s empowerment, a woman can never stand up for herself, in the dark, when surrounded by twenty odd men who don’t give a hoot what happens to her, and are in fact eager to watch. The more prudent thing would be for me to have stayed inside the auto and let the guys have all the action.
After I came home, I wondered if the guy i hit was really the guy who had groped. What if I had been mistaken? This kind of thought led me no where...
I hope that, though I have now put this incident behind me, I never loose the lesson:
Protect yourself before you venture to help another.
Keep your cool
And learn to sledge in Swedish.

The second incident happened on the Friday of the same week.
I was in a huge, crowded bus stand, the rain and the weekend crowd creating havoc inside.
There was no sight of the bus i had to take, even hours after its intended departure time.
I had become crowd-paranoid afrer the previous incident, and I found a relatively safe niche near the exit of the bus stand where i could stand and wait for my bus.
In front of me was a continuously moving crowd, and in that, I spotted a man touching a girl.What I noticed more was that she was trying to shrug off his grip, she was clearly discomfited but unwilling to confront. The guy had thought that he would get away with it.
The next moment, a slap landed on the man’s arm. From me.
And then there were the stares. The girl’s look of thanks. The man’s chagrined stare, as he slunk away. The onlooker’s surprised stare... wondering why I would beat that guy.
And an utterly shocked, dazed stare. From me. How did I have the nerve to do this, yet again, in a place infested with men??? Did i ever think before I acted?
Another girl standing next to me asked me what had happened, but i couldn’t even bring myself to reply. I didn’t want to be noticed any more, so I slowly moved away from that place, and stood somewhere else.
Yes, just like the guy had done.
On a subconscious level i guess i am proud of what i did, and that feeling will prbly prompt me to hit again at any one who does it in front of me.
But rational thought leaves me cursing myself for my impulsiveness.
I must admit that I had subscribed to blank noise some time back.
I had unsubscribed later.
After a broken engagement, where I was blamed to be too much of a feminist for my own good.
Where I was told that I have too much temper for a girl, and all such.
This is just my two cents. I didn’t want anything to do with blank noise. I think it is pointless talking about eve teasing. Prudent girls would rather stay away from the spotlight.
And carry a safety pin in buses.
I do think that visiting this site primes me to be more antagonistic to guys, which doesn’t help.
I’d rather hone my street skills, and carry a safety pin.
And get married to a guy.
~ Serena

Mohnish said...

juz read ur exp...u truly inspire a lotta spineless men out there
all i can say Bravo :)

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
Elie Wiesel

Jane Hathaway said...

Brava, anonymous. See how all of us who do nothing when we witness Eve teasing make it that much more difficult for others to do something. And you're right: male abuse works to make women seek safety from ALL men by being married to ONE man. We feel we are safer at the mercy of ONE than of ALL. It's really insidious. We marry for safety from other men, if we think about it, deep-down.
Thanks for posting about these 2 instances. It's really important that we all say our experience, and draw conclusions about who benefits from what happens.

J said...

thanks for your honesty anon. I dont know if it helps to visit either...but i am glad to have you as a visitor, as someone who experienced and shared. Hope that the building of testimonials and the dispersal on the internet 'helps' some of us in some way. Not all results are tangible. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is the same anonymous person who had been a survivor and an avenger. Call me Serena.

I thought I’ll tell you other incidents of harassment. I can probably go on for pages.
The list below is just a tiny percentage.
I was not always an avenger, and I have felt really bad to not do something when it happens....
Maybe my temper of today is because of the countless times I have faced harassment.
1. This is more of child molestation than eve teasing. Shy man in his twenties living next door would invite me to his home and tell me nice stories. I was five. He would have oiled himself prior to his bath, and would lie on his bed, just gripping me so tight I couldn’t breathe. Nothing else, no touching in other places, at least I don’t remember. Looking back, I’m convinced he got some kind of pleasure out of it, but the incident did not affect me much.
2. Granny sleeping on the couch in neighbours house, I’m playing, and I’m still five. The only other person is the neighbour’s 13 year old servant. He calls me to the back of the house, tells me he doesn’t know which is the light switch, and tries to hug me. I cry and come back, and try to wake granny. It was his luck that she was a sound sleeper, because if she had known what happened, the guy would have regretted what he did for the rest of his life.
3. Hormone charged relative (again, in his twenties) trying to pinch my navel or my nubs every chance he got. Horrible. His parents saw but did nothing. In fact, my brother saw him kiss me, wonder why my brother never reacted, and I think it is too late to confront him now; I don’t want to sabotage my tenuous relationship with my brother by bringing it up.
4. I am thirteen, walking a few paces behind my parents, in the bus stand of my hometown. Mom is a lady, and has been through all this. But engrossed in conversation, she forgets that her child is female too, growing, and is vulnerable. Dad has a heart of gold. Probably he never even thought that people do this thing in his hometown. Tall lanky guy in blue shirt reaches out his arm to grab my breast. I try to fend, but still he grabs, and it pains a lot. We sit in a bus, and I think that guy in blue shirt got into the same bus. Why couldn’t I talk about it to my mother about it? Because I was a lost teen, unsure of a lot of things, and not very communicative.
5. Fourteen now. Still an unsure teen. Crowded bus. Adolescents decide to get down from the bus in the front (Where the ladies stand). It was crowded, but not enough that they had to keep rubbing against my back when they got down.
6. Maybe sixteen now. Getting into a bus with mom. I see a guy grazing my mom’s bottom when he is getting down. She doesn’t say anything. (You learn behaviour from your parents. This is when I realised that it is prudent not to make a ruckus about this)
7. Numerous incidents of being groped in long bus journeys. One: Sixty year old idiot sitting next to me, trying to grope me every chance he got. My regret to this day is that I didn’t use my safety pin on him. I finally got the courage to tell him my uncle is a police inspector, which shut him up. This incident affected me so much, that after this @#$% got down, when the guy in the next seat put his foot through the space in the seats (I now think he was sleeping when he did this), I grabbed his food, pinched it, and created a ruckus. Felt bad later thinking that he might have been sleeping. This is the worst part. Never knowing whether it was intentional or not, after you have hit them.
8. Learnt street strategies after this. Whenever a hand groped from the seat behind me in a bus, would lash o1ut with a safety pin. Would hit at guys when standing at a signal, if they rub against my butt. Learnt to look out if ladies are present, before I ventured to any place. Learnt that the safest niche in a crowded bus is the space behind the driver’s seat.
These incidents, where I have been a mute spectator to my own victimisation, have given me so much guilt that I fear I over-react.
Many times when I have reacted, it has been useless...Making me look like a fool.
Like the time when I stopped at a shop (near the bus stand) for a mobile recharge, and a couple of college guys came and stood very close to me, one of them stood such that his arm grazed my butt. They were seemingly engrossed in conversation, so my angry stare was lost on them. Even if I had spoken out, they would have made it look as though it was unintentional.
Another time in a departmental store – guy walking by me grazed my butt, and I hit him, and he had this really innocent expression and said why are you hitting me. I asked him and his friend to get out, and his friend said something to the effect, she’s got lot of thimir – that’s a Tamil word, and I don’t know the English equivalent, maybe “Arrogance“. They were unscathed. It was my mistake to step into the basement of the departmental store, though I saw no ladies there. (It was my favourite store, and I had been very safe there till then). And it was their advantage that not many people were around to see their embarrassment.
There are a couple of reasons for posting these here.
1. Gives me a vent. Is cathartic. Thanks Jasmeen.
2. Maybe I am wrong about BNB being pointless, maybe this might make some guys realise how common harassment is.
3. If any guy reading this decides to watch out for his daughter / sister, teach her street strategies (I still think the best street strategy is to be aware enough to avoid these things), then it would be worthwhile.
4. If BNB also focuses on street strategies for women, it would be the greatest thing. What ladies need is not a lot of bravado in hitting at / sledging offenders, but better skills to protect themselves. I feel that is true empowerment.


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is pojok-teknologi can I know you your posts is greats

J said...

thanks serena, second waver and mohnish.
serena- the action heroes blog invites people to share how they resisted or fought street sexual harassment and share stories of defense. could you elaborate on

"BNB also focuses on street strategies for women, it would be the greatest thing. What ladies need is not a lot of bravado in hitting at / sledging offenders, but better skills to protect themselves. I feel that is true empowerment."

We are hoping that the Blank Noise testimonials enable us to articulate the strategies used by different individuals. We are working on the text from the action heroes blog. While we share each senders story on the blog we do not advise people to go about slapping men who harass but rather open an online public forum for individuals to share the different ways in which they countered it---
how were they heroes in their own eyes...

Am looking forward to SOMETHING emerging from all the blog posts at the action heroes blog- will be out in 2 months!

BN is a place that invites people

Anonymous said...

this poem was written by nattalie solmnskei of cairo who got raped by her boyfriend and later committed suicide by heroine OD A MONTH AGO... this poem was recoverd with her suicide note...may her soul rest in peace

I’m tired of you blaming me
For the filth that’s in your eyes.
I’m tired of your calling
And your whistling
And your stalling.

You disgrace me and you disgrace yourself.
You are an immoral person.
You do not deserve my responses, or my anger:
The justification for all that you do.

How can you be so blind to the hurt you cause,
To the damage you do?
How can you be so happy to make another person small?

You are a fool, and I must tolerate you.
I must fight with myself to not berate you.
Yet I find I cannot, should not – hate you.
That would only make me game, and I am loathe to bait you.

Anonymous said...

this is the testimonial of ranjana suvarna an M.SC BIOTECH student in manglore university .also given below is the response of the professor when asked about it-

I was excited about my research project. I was flattered when my graduate advisor suggested we discuss it over dinner. At first I felt uncomfortable meeting him in a social setting but, deciding that I was being paranoid, agreed. During dinner, we began to discuss class and my project. As the evening progressed, the conversation shifted to very personal topics, including my present and past boyfriends. I tried to shift the conversation back to something related to class but he kept drifting back to more personal issues. Occasionally he touched my hand and told me he thought I was attractive. As we were getting ready to leave, he stood uncomfortably close to me and patted me on the arm. I felt very self-conscious and nervous about the way my advisor was relating to me but I was afraid to offend him by saying anything. Now I find myself avoiding him even though I respect his opinions and need his guidance to do well in my department.

when asked the prof responded-
I was interested in her work, especially since her topic has been a special interest of mine. I thought her project had real potential. I invited her to dinner so we could talk over her ideas in a more relaxed atmosphere. I thought this would be helpful since she seems very bright but is nervous and shy in class. I enjoyed getting to know her better and I could tell the feeling was mutual. We had a good time and the discussion was productive. Since our meeting, I haven't seen much of her. I'm surprised that after such a promising start she seems less interested in my help. I guess she changed her mind about the project. It makes me wonder if she's really grad school material.

Anonymous said...

this is the testimonial of rani mohan working as trainee in computer dept of HAL-
I am one of the few women who work in my department. Lately I've been having problems with my male co-workers. Some of them have gotten into the habit of calling me "Sweetie" and "Babe" all the time even though I've asked them to stop. They tell me it's their way of treating me like "one of the gang" and that I'm oversensitive. And to top it off, last week I walked into the locker room we all share to find pictures of women in suggestive poses posted on the wall. I'm now thinking of quitting because I'm feeling uncomfortable, intimidated and upset. I'm having a hard time concentrating and getting my work done. I'd talk to my boss but I see all of them hanging out together at lunch and after work and I'm afraid he'd take their side.

Anonymous said...

this is the testimonial of rashmi shetty, now a 1st year BE student in st joshep manglore-

It happened in eight std during my Algebra class. When the teacher assigned seating, I ended up sitting between two boys. At first they seemed nice enough but they always made sexual jokes and I just sort of laughed along with them.

Eventually one of them began trying to grab at me from under the table, going for my knee first and closer to my crotch. This went on for about a month. He basically told dirty jokes, and was grabbing me and touching me from beneath the table.

I sort of just stomped on his foot the first time he touched me. It didn’t stop him and I could never think of anything else to do except just kick him from under the table. I don’t know why I just sort of froze every time and I’d think I was just exaggerating things.

I still think I’m just exaggerating and that no one needs to know about this. Eventually he got moved to another table and I was moved to another table. Through out that time I’d just leave school flustered, depressed and feeling dirty. That same year my thyroid got messed up. I don’t know if the teacher noticed anything odd or it was just coincidence. I have never told anyone until now. I’ve tried to tell a friend but I could never go through with it.

I try to convince myself that it wasn’t as bad as what happens to other people so and that I just need to try and forget about it. Though I saw him around high school a lot and some of my friends were friends with him I could never be in the space as he was. He didn’t even know who I was.

Am I taking this too seriously and just need to get over myself? I’m in college now and I think about it often, usually it’s triggered by something. I’m just confused on what I should have done and how I should feel.

Anonymous said...

this is the testimonial of ISIRI shetty, my cousin sis and now a BDS student in A.B SHETTY COLLEGE OF DENTAL SCIENCE ,MANGLORE...i was the first person she told this about that to after 5 years after it happned ....

Hello. I am a 19 year old girl, but was 14 yrs. old and in the 9th grade when this happened.i was studying in a reputed boarding school in ooty.

My PE teacher, lets call him “Mr.SCUMBUG” was in his mid to late forties, married, and had a daughter my age.

I was in PE class one day and we were in our rugby practise. He had divided us into teams. I was just kinda a substitute player for my team and wasn’t really interested in what was going on.i was there just for the grades. Now when Mr. scumbug came over to “check” on us, he decided he was going to play our quarterback for us.

I didn’t care until he called me over be the center. He told me to bend over and hike the ball. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with this, particularly since I was wearing skirt.(our uniform on saturday) and not shorts like most others

He told me I had to do it. So, not wanting to get a bad grade, I did as I was told.

But when I bent down to hike the ball, he didn’t reach for it. He kept doing this over and over, but never once did he reach for the ball. He made me do this almost six times that day.

I am still confused and still feel violated and angry and sick about it all. This all happened 5 year ago, and my mom and family still don’t know. My mother does still not know and i really want to tell her.. i am a bit relived after i told it to my brother

Anonymous said...

a testimonial by someone who dont want to tell there name or tell the name of person or church-

A minister of my church would tell me constantly that God was giving him dreams that we were having sex. He even asked me if I was shaved.It seems like he is always watching me and trying to approach me for conversation. One time he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek while greeting me. Yuck!!!! I can’t stand being around him.
How can he preach Jesus and, at the same time, be constantly preying on women?
People told me I should forgive and move on. Should I find another church? What is going on here???

hungeryjack said...

Good One..Keep Posting


Anonymous said...

Let me add as anonymous.The reason for these leching and drooling incidents is because we have forgotten our personality as human beings.it is the mob psychology or beast mentality that encourages such subhuman tendencies.I have seen women leching men by using terms like beef hunk he`s real hot yaar and lets check him out.Molestation and physical and mental abuse can only be stopped by creating respect for others and we should lead our life by being embodiments of dignity and respect.

Anonymous said...

good work,u are great