8 th March. Call for Blank Noise Action Heroes!

In true Blank Noise spirit , we invite you to participate , join us for the next street action on March 8th and be the Blank Noise Action Hero! This intervention will occur across cities in India- whether you're one person in your city or 100- join in- and build the spirit!

A Blank Noise public intervention requires people to sign up and volunteer. It can be fun, challenging and exciting! So hurry! Write in now, with your city name and we will add you to the list below.

Event details will be 'revealed' to those who write in. It's no fun to spell it out now! Bring your friends and family along. Experience it.

Venue for event will be finalized only with your permission/ participation.

Who is an Action Hero?

An action hero's reaction is not an emotional outburst, but infact a strategy/ a plan/ a choreography. An Action Hero knows how to judge a situation. An Action Hero chooses to confront or not to confront, but at no point ignores/ avoids the problem. Are you one?
Would you like to be an ACTION HERO?

to know about Blank Noise Action Heroes see the following links
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Volunteer names:

Delhi: Abby, Ritambhara, Pooja, Ambika, ChandraShekhar Bhattacharya, Jasmeen

Mumbai: Nisha, Pawan, Sanjana, Aparna, Varsha,

Kolkata: Sunayana, Saptarshi, Poorna Banerjee, Poushali,

Bangalore: Romal, Payal, Hemangini, Amrutha, Ratna,



Patna: Kiran, Parul, Mandavi, Ruchika, Sagorika, Chirantani, Shradha.

Pune: Unmana





Your city:- any one/ any city


plain jane said...

Delhi: Oindrila Duttagupta

Pooja said...

Delhi: Pooja

Citizen Earth said...

Mumbai: Akshata

Anonymous said...

Bhopal! Is there a chapter? I just moved here.

Sue said...

Calcutta: Sunayana Roy

(It's a Saturday so I hope to make it. Should The Bhablet and Vicky come along?)

Sid said...

Delhi: Siddharth

amlansworld said...

Is there anything in Bhubaneswar,, I am based here,,

Bhubaneswar : Amlan

J said...

hi amlan. there is nothing in bhubaneshwar yet- but yes you could be the start


this event can take place even if 1 person per city chooses to participate.


Lifes a joy said...

Rajalakshmi: Chennai

J said...

great! do you know others from chennai who might be interested and committed from Chennai?

Anonymous said...

I do have another friend who will be joining in

Madhura said...

Madhura: Kolkata

I can only join if the event starts around four

Unknown said...

Nainy - Indore.

Its sad I didnt come across this before, my friends and I (4 of us) wanted to do something for so long. We'd love to join and take part in the activities. Please let me know how.