Auto waaley Bhaisahab...

On my way home from Hazratganj, I had to as usual catch an auto rickshaw to get home quick. I always go for the sharing one, its five times cheaper. ;)

I love the evening auto rides - Immersed in my thoughts, enjoying the radio and feeling the cold wind blowing. It also helps me ignore the hustle of '1 savari 1 savari' and overloaded autos.

Lost as I always am, I realize a hand trying to feel my whatever little back is available above the back rest of the auto seat. I glare, not being too sure was it intentional or was it the driver's rash driving. I felt it again. I turn and stare at the guy sitting on the other side of the auto (only 3 fit anyway ), notice him trying to gauge my reaction for the second time by the corner of his eye. "Bhaisahab haath apney paas rakh saktey hai ya auto rukwao aapkey liye" The over stuffed auto with six passengers (all male), excluding the driver, stare too, and the hands went back, slightly uneasily placed on his lap.

An Action Hero is a woman who has dealt with street sexual harassment/ violence/ 'eve teasing' by confronting and challenging it.

Send in your stories of resisting street sexual violence. Please email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

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Unknown said...

Lucknow, you have my sympathies at the same time as you have my admiration. To open your mouth and speak your mind in the presence of six males is an act of sheer bravery,
confidence and courage. Way to go !