Are you ready to be a Blank Noise Action Hero?

This Friday Nov 16 at no later than 6 pm join in as we- Blank Noise Kolkata intervene in Gariahat market. The Gariahat hawkers and vendors have voiced support towards Blank Noise and will be participating in the project over the next one week!

The action itself will be simple. All we require from our Action Heroes this time is for them to be themselves! We promise the event wont be acrobatic and will conclude at 7 20 pm.

Bring along your friends/ family / neighbour/ (anyone interested) This goes without saying- men / boys/ males/ are already a part of Blank Noise and are much needed at all Blank Noise meetings and events.

You are required to bring a handwritten testimonial of your experience on the street in the form of a letter.

Here's how:

dear stranger

you could end it with the following statement- so are you a victim/ perpetrator/ spectator to eve teasing/ street sexual harassment?


your name

The letter could be in bangla/ hindi or english. If you like you could photocopy this letter and give it to more strangers than one.

Do you own something that you love to wear but are scared of wearing on the streets, for fear of attracting the 'wrong kind of attention'?

Life-changing decisions are made everyday. The most crucial ones take place before one's wardrobe. Blank Noise asks you to challenge your notion of 'asking for it' by coming dressed in that one garment you've always wished to wear but haven't, because of your fear of the reactions it might provoke within your fellow-pedestrians.

Be an Action Hero. Be fearless. Feel carefree.

Believe -- " I did not ask for it".

To confirm please email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com subject titled Blank Noise Action Hero Kolkata. You can also reach us at 9836361612. Be in the loop with Blank Noise Kolakata by signing up at http://groups.google.com/group/bnpkolkata


Blank Noise Kolkata

Participating Action Heroes:

  1. Sunayana Roy
  2. Dana Roy
  3. Saptarshi Chakraborty
  4. Bimbabati Sen
  5. Sandra
  6. Simran Soni
  7. Sayantani Dasgupta
  8. Priyanka Verma
  9. Soubhik Niyogy
  10. Sharabh Niyogy
  11. Nilanjana Deb
  12. Rimi B.Chatterjee
  13. Madhura
  14. Dibyajyoti
  15. Meghna Mukherjee
  16. Romila Saha
  17. Priyanka Agarwal
  18. Subhayu Mukherjee
  19. Poulami
  20. Dipali Taneja
  21. Nita P
  22. Sahar Romani

  23. you?