Tales of Love and Lust

Tales of Street Love and Lust were compiled after bloggers/ blank noise members/ supporters/ blank noise agents emailed us lists of words that they had heard on the street.

We have several lists now divided in the following categories-

1.Food- to be called or referred to as food/ fruit/ vegetable etc
2. statements/ comments
3. objects-
body parts literally referred to as objects
4. names
for miss bijli (lightening)
5. songs- about being courted on the street by random men singing verses from popular film songs being
6. other/ sounds/ behaviour/ gestures

On the 20th-21st we will publish the list of food names.


Anonymous said...

Little too eager, i guess? where are the mails??

Anonymous said...

hey m confused a bit ..... read about it in 'the week ', but still not able to get the aim of blank noise.... is it just to talk bout eve teasing or r u helping to stop it any way??