What did you just hear? What made you say " what?!! me??"

Send us your list of ridiculous,strange, bizzare, disgusting, funny, humiliating words that have been used towards you/ your body when you were out on the streets

*Be the Blank Noise Agent. Take the discussion home! ask your mom. sister. grandmom. aunts- what did they get to hear? Was it any different back then? Ask your colleagues, friends, peers...Take it to the streets, ask random strangers, make conversations, and EMAIL US.

Male members/ supporters can also participate*

email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com, subject titled, "excuse me?"

Your email responses will be listed on the blog with photographic illustrations of the responses. Email us no later than Aug 14th. Let's build the 'eve teasing' vocab!

On the 17th of August we will put all the words out on the blog!( date has been shifted from Aug 15th to 17th). Apologies.

  1. Surbhi Goel,
  2. Sneha Bhat
  3. Payal Kamat
  4. Jyotsna Mandana
  5. Naeem Mohaiemen
  6. Soumya C Shekhar
  7. Ratna Apnender
  8. Shikha Sethi
  9. Iz
  10. Chaitra Yadavar
  11. Nayantrana Abreo
  12. Vinita Bharadwaj
  13. Nabila Zaidi
  14. Annie Zaidi
  15. Neelam Jain
  16. Raheema Begum
  17. MIchaela
  18. Paige Trabulsi
  19. Reema Banerjee
  20. Sneha Singh
  21. Chitra Badrinarayan
  22. Meghana Chythanya
  23. Ruchika Bahl
  24. Anusha Hari
  25. Ratna, Shravanthi
  26. Hemangini Gupta
  27. Sindhu Menon
  28. Jasmeen Patheja,....
  29. Neeti Jain
  30. Beatrice Jauregui
  31. Tanisha Soni
  32. Simon Bhuiyan+ children between the age of 12-16 years
  33. Romal Singh as BLANK NOISE AGENT- he asked his friends
  34. Sharad Kapoor as BLANK NOISE AGENT- he asked his friends
  35. Vidya Raja
  36. Amrutha Bhushan
  37. Monica
  38. V Taneja
  39. Kamal Makkar Patheja
  40. Puja Gupta
  41. Sana Rizvi
  42. Nisha
  43. Ria Kartha
  44. Seema Seth
  45. Sunayna Roy
  46. Parul Sharma
  47. Bhoomika Joshi
  48. Pooja Sahai
  49. Nikhil Narayanan
  50. Anees Mekhri
  51. Dipanjali Rao
  52. Tashi yangzom bhutia
  53. Snigdha Mishra
  54. Tharunya Balan
  55. Nirmala Ravindran
  56. Bandna Kaur
  57. Suparna Kudesia
  58. Narada G
  59. Sunayana Roy
  60. Shriya Bhagwat
  61. Nandini Das
  62. Priyanka Rimi Nandy
  63. Esha U
  64. Bhavita Vaishnava
  65. Saptarshi
  66. Yashaswini Viswanathan
  67. Nisha
  68. Tanya X
  69. Asavari Gill
  70. Priyanka Verma
  71. Suman S
  72. .........................................
  73. Shravya Raghunand

  74. Vanita Falcao
  75. YOU?


Anonymous said...

Hello Blank Noise Hyderabad Log - I am a working journalist in a Telugu Daily and would like to cover an Item on Blank Noise Project Hyderabad Activities. Could anyone let me know how to contact anyone in Hyderabad Project.. please

S Kumar

America's Next Bill Clinton said...

I just wanted to drop by to give you kudos on a very important and much-needed project you're all taking on. I read about you in a Ms. Magazine I recently picked up, and I think you all are everything that's right with the world.

Peace & Love,


Manu Akula said...

Change the pic please ! Its scary ! :P

D said...

I'm supposed to be extremely fair. So the kind of words I've heard on the go are stranger than stranger:

"Chuna" (the limestone that's painted on walls or that you use in paan)
I hated it.

And there are more:
"Saath chalogi?"
"Kya figure hai!"

Lines from cheap songs:
"Husn hai suhana..."

Obscene sounds -
Of a smooch that was never meant to sound like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi - Jaya Krishna, Kunal Singla, Kanakarao Kodidasu, Vishnu Reddy, Kunal Singla.. anyone... please mail satishkumar.vvn@gmail.com... We intend to do a story for our daily and also would like to participate in your tirrade against eve-teasing.

S Kumar

Safiya said...

The pic is dynamite and great topic!

Blinkdreamz said...

I admit guys have to respect girls, but you girls need not scare them to respect you with those kind of pics! :P

Anonymous said...

PROVIDED you three look like the picture in your post, i guess bizarre, disgusting, funny words would flow in a torrent towards you. rolling off the floor with laughther, attaboy! i think i'd find something very funny to say to you, given the look in the eye with the three 'babe' in the pic -- the one on the right is fuckin' fugly, so if she thinks she oughta not be laughed at, then she is a freakin' feminist.

mr., the compulsive con

Anonymous said...

H~ Haaaaaar! still laugin' over the pics -- do we (wo)men need even respeect those teeth in the pic? what exactly is the (.) you are trying to make out here?

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. I just wrote a post on my blog about this "issue" and my experiences. I felt so disgusted by the harassment I received last year in India. I'm glad there's an organization dedicated to ending "eveteasing."

See Bee said...

i like the pic - it shows how absolutely ridiculous the words that we hear are - i mean do people see us as weird strange creatures to call us such words?

Manu Akula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
See Bee said...

err..bloody bollocks? I don't think anyone is competing here :)

Manu Akula said...

ok...trauma queen

Unknown said...

This rocks...keep up the good work

sgorappa said...

I stumbled across your blog because I was searching for Indian Penal Code sections relating to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate a digital version of the IPC. I guess people can only learn about IPC laws after breaking them.

I do wish the IPC and Indian media would stop referring to sexual harassment as "eve teasing" and call the offense by its name.

Kudos to your efforts in shining more light on this social problem. I will be an regular reader.

Anonymous said...

I'm a very thin person....and i'm often at the receiving end...Thx to a lot of very courteous people...


Irritates the hell out of me!!!.
Dont these ppl have better things to do?!...

Starrynan said...

Hey! How did my name get on the list?

J said...

probably because you signed up and we received an email from you?
if you havent participated or sent us an email with your name and would like to remove your name from the list, email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com