because I hate to keep you in suspense I am writing about what happened a month after I put these photos up!

bus from kerala to karnataka. I need to get to my seat. The man standing in front of me wont move and let me get to my seat. I say" excuse me? "/ " solpa side please?!"/

He gives me the blank look after which I direct my hands in a manner that indicates he must move a little away from me so that I can reach my seat. After all, the last thing I need to do is get my body brushed against a stranger's- especially when there is no dirth of space.

He succumbs but hisses a " zzzxsssk!" staring my anatomy into little pieces.

In less than 3 minutes I realize that he has the seat in front of me. The seats recline, the hands recline even further.

All between him and me is the needle.


  1. Anonymous11:40 am

    Er, will it be too much to ask for a short explanation for the pictures and what the "eve teasing" involved?

    No offence, but just posting a bunch of mysterious photos isn't helping anyone, least of all the well-wishers of this project.

  2. no offence indended...but the person who posted the pic ...did he/she forget to write something???

    maybe i am dumb....but trust me ..i come every day to this page .. look at these 2 pics for atleast 15-20 minutes and try to decipher it .... but nothing is clear...can some1 comment on it exactly what it is ??? i mean i have rotated my monitor in all the directions to try to look at it .... but nothing...

  3. hi purrr

    maybe you rotated the monitor too much :)

    i come to it with no context either, but i can hazard a guess.... pic one has a man's hand over a woman's on the top of a bus seat. pic two seems to be the same bus seat, but the hands are gone because.... there's a sharp needle replacing them.

    i could be completely off track though. hang on, let me rotate me monitor.... :)

  4. on top of the seat's back, i mean.

  5. i don't get it...

  6. i don't get it either...

  7. Anonymous11:58 pm

    to me it looks like the two hands of the same person, who is sitting with the arms raised above and placed on the head rest of a bus seat.

    why is the needle missing in the first pic?

  8. Anonymous5:03 am

    I didnt get it either, but it does look like some kind of harassment is being attempted in the first pic.

    And this guy gets to keep his anonymity while ppl who try to talk up a girl, or 'look' at a girl in a way that she cant describe exactly how it was offensive, get photographed into a hall of shame as eveteaser1, 5 etc!!!


  9. thanks for the Help 'M' ...all that i could make out from the first pic was a fat man with a enormous tummy...sitting with his hands together...

    as for second one well...that does seem to me as a sharp needle .... hmm...whether that was used a weapon of defence or was it put by some prankster in a public transport bus is still not clear....

    a little help Jasmeen???

  10. i dont think it is a bus seat, is it?? i guess it is a bag's handle ..
    and wot duz the needle show?? has it been put by the male :|
    please explain

    SAME TIME I HAVE I HAVE ONE SUGGETION .you people should learn
    about sexual physicology of male and female. Physicologists saying man getting sexual stimulation immedietly when they see body structrure and some body parts of
    opposite sex .but the 99% womens reach to the sexual stimulation through love and care this is natural and the man respond to his sexual stimulation depends on his culture ,education,family values etc... i am sure you people canot ignore thise points...

    Thank You

    Best Regards


    Mail me your reply

  12. Anonymous4:20 pm


    What, exactly, is your point?

    And there is no such word as 'physicology'...


  13. Thanks for the explanation, but I still cant figure which part of anyone's anatomy is that. Turban, tummy, tush?

  14. dear matt.

    the 'that' if you are referring to the white block covered with cloth over which his hands rest- is his bus seat- where he rests his head.

  15. Anonymous4:00 am

    I think I get it...

    So he reclined his seat, which was the one in front of yours, restricting the space you had to move and forcing you closer to him. You mention his hands moving but you don't explain further- I take it he was moving his hands towards you?

  16. The idea that men cannot control their desires is total BS and invented by perverts like you. I am a man and yes when I see a beautiful womam I will notice. That does not mean I ogle and act like a moron. And u are contradicting yourself, Anonymous. Do u think you will actually "win" a girl by oogling over her? Women dont like being treated like a piece of meat.

    I just discovered this site. "Eve Teasing" or what should be called sexual harassment makes our country look bad. I once beat up a pedophile moron for touching my 11 year old sister's behind in public. That poor girl was scared to death. Shes just a child. How sickening!

  17. I concur with Raj. It's total crap that it's very difficult for men to turn their eyes when they pass by a beautiful woman. Such crappy habits are a clear sign of loose character and are possessed by hypocrites and double standards who want others to respect their sisters and families but never repay others in kind.

  18. Anonymous1:28 am

    I am against eve teasing but I am more against women who perennailly think they are being molested etc..

    Hit upon ur blog accidentally and am surprised by the amount of bull crap people post.. Yes a couple of instances would fall under eve teasing but majority of them qualify under "Thats another guy I can label an eve teaser and put up on my blog"

    Get a life.. N use the time tht u spend looking for "click victims" to sit n think of a more concrete action plan to tackle the issue if u beleieve in it so much..

  19. To RKID
    What you mean is actually basic primitive human desire. We have long ago evolved much beyond it. If you want to bring in psychology these primitive desires are called 'ID.' A higher authority in your brain called 'superego' overrides it and does the work of consciously suppressing such desires. This is what is the civilized world is all about.

    So - if your ID says - go grab that piece of cake for the shop and gobble it, your superego will say that - you must pay for it or if you dont have money you cant have it at all because stealing isnt a good thing to do.
    ID is the only drive till the first six months of your life. Later gradually superego takes over