An action hero's reaction is not an emotional outburst, but infact a strategy/ a plan/ a choreography. An Action Hero knows how to judge a situation. An Action Hero chooses to confront or not to confront, but at no point ignores/ avoids the problem. Are you one?
Would you like to be an ACTION HERO?

How do I become one?
One of the few ways in which you can become one is by participating in the next Blank Noise street intervention scheduled for Jan 21st and Jan 28th both in Bangalore.

What will we do?
We will simply be ourselves. We will do a very simple action that will transform the nature of the place for that period of time. We will also challenge ourselves, just a bit.

What will this acheive?
We guarantee you nothing but some more questions to think about, perhaps some insight? Every Action Hero has a different story of acheivement.

How do I participate?
contact us/ sms at 98868 40612
email us. subject titled 'ACTION HERO' BANGALORE.

Can I bring other prospective Action Heroes along?
Yes! please bring friends, cousins, neighbours, anyone, any age, any profession, anyone willing to experience. Both men and women are welcome.

To be in loop with bangalore discussions and events sign up at http://groups.google.co.in/group/bnpbangalore

The list begins here!
1. Bhumika Rajan
2. Laura Neuhas
3. Neela Banerjee
4. Yamini Deen ( event assistant director)
5. Sanjana Janardhan
6. Radhika Miglani
7. Nisrin Aziz+ friends
8. Soumya Chandra Shekhar- ( behind the scenes)
9. Kunal Ashok
10. Nitin
11. Arvind Batra
12. Anusree M Jois
13. Tharunya Balan
14. Sneha Singh
15. Paige Trabulis
16. Surabhi
17. Irene Lily Philip
18. Nishank Pathak
19.Surya Balakrishnan
20. Pratyusha
21. Archana Srinivasan
22. Madhurya Balan
23. Manju Ramachandran
25. Navaneethan + 25
26. Sonali Bhattacharya
27. Gauri
28. Ramya
29. Shivali M.
30. Suren Vikash
31. Surekha
33. Mr. Aziz


Anonymous said...

yes i would to become a action hero, nice blog, one day my name will also enter in 29

hemangini said...

too late for 29... try 40?

Unknown said...

Missed it Missed it... was in B'lore for that time... sheesh. I'm in Calcutta now. Any chance of doing something similar here? I could coord.