majestic majestic!!

5 30 PM- platform no.5


to introduce the idea of eve teasing in the bus station
direct public response to another event in the bus station in the coming week!

Dev, Balaji, Pritesh, Chandani, Ratna, Vijay. Rahima.

here's what we did:

distributed pamphlets/ dispersed letters bearing eve teasing testimonials/ read them aloud inside a bus with a captive audience/

a detailed version of what we did is coming soon


Anonymous said...

1. conduct and opinion poll- (define eve teasing)
Do you think it makes sense? There are very thin lines. Marking some expression as something is quite dangerous in my opinion as you loose the beauty or opportunities that particular expression has. However what you are doing is quite cool as it increases awareness. I am in process of thinking and writing a long comment.

J said...

we do as we do because we believe it makes sense.

the opinion poll serves the purpose of intiating dialogue, and makes an entry for people to interact.

it by no means is an opinion poll to 'gather' statistics...but to open discourse. people recognize the format of an opinion poll. its simple, easy to interact with..

Anonymous said...

I really liked your 2 statements:
1)we do as we do because we believe it makes sense.
2)it by no means is an opinion poll to 'gather' statistics
Now it makes much sense to me.
Thumbs Up
You are on your way

Anonymous said...


Seen this? http://rapecity.blogspot.com/


J said...


See Bee said...

awesome awesome awesome
the blank noise interventions get better each day....wish i was there...

Y? said...


ivalap. said...

i wanna sign up for the mumbai intervention...add me!!!

p.s- sorry for not attending the last few meetings but was away in sikkim...

J said...

Hi Pallavi

not a prob. it makes the task easier if you email me at blurtblanknoise account and sign up from there rather than post a message...coz then if everyone starts posting messages instead, we will be wasting our time tracking volunteers!


see you soon!!

will tell chinmayee and add you in here