Thank You

We cannot thank you enough

The last week has been an online mass catharsis, with over 200 bloggers building testimonies of eve teasing online. Private has collectively become public , with people from all over the world testifying, speaking, debating, screaming, sharing their experience with the issue of street sexual harassment/ ‘ eve teasing’.

We are still in the process of going through all the blogs and replying to the deluge of emails. Many have written in saying that they would like to help.

We are open to ideas about how you think you can initiate Blank Noise in your city. Please write to us, with the subject titled ‘ IDEA’ our email address is

We are open to ideas both online and offline, practical and impossible.

We look forward to your mail.

Blank Noise is co ordinated in Delhi by Hemangini, in Mumbai by Chinmayee and in Bangalore by Jasmeen. The Delhi and Mumbai initiative is very new and we look forward to building a team of volunteers.

Having said that we would like to add that you could be in any city, town, country: our only participation criteria is your individual commitment.

Our current plan of action:

  • To define the term ‘eve teasing’
  • To question the meaning of modesty

1. “Did You Ask For it?"
The clothes campaign challenges the notion of modesty. When ‘eve-teased’ or sexually harassed in a public space, the first general reaction is that women ‘ask for it’; that she wore something provocative which led to the event. At Blank Noise we are collecting clothes that women wore when they were eve teased so that we can collectively defy the assumption that ‘ WOMEN ASK FOR IT”.

Deadline: In 3 months we want a minimum of 1000 clothes installed on our city streets.

-You could be a volunteer/ on a mission to collect clothes in your city. You could organize groups of people to collect clothes.

2. Performative interventions: individuals or groups who would like to intervene and be a work with us on the performance from their city.

3. Opinion Poll (India):

“What does eve teasing mean? Is there a definition? Is staring eve teasing?”

To answer that question we are conducting public opinion polls across different cities to achieve a public consensus on the definition of eve teasing. Through this we want to establish eve teasing as a sexual crime; and make it public.

4. Online work: ( technical)

www.blanknoiseproject.blogspot.com always welcomes technical support, writing, ideas on making the blank noise website, ideas on interactivity etc.


5. Campaigns:

You could also get involved with our campaigns on the media front. Here we are looking for designers, people with a marketing background, artists etc to work with appropriate media, both alternative and mainstream. (We are looking at local, national and online campaigns.)

Get out now and get it started!



Anonymous said...

Trying to read all the blogs has been exhasuting. As you say it has been catharthic to hear everyone's story yet at the same time it's been such an eye opener. I'm older, more confident and more financially secure than I have ever been before and so my exposure to the streets has been minimised in the last three years. In spite of the odd incident here and there I was quite ready to close my eyes and pretend that things were better not only for me but for everyone. Reading everyone's story has shaken me awake. If you need any volunteers, anything, please let me know. Thanks.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Just wondering, should we participate via emails or thru this comment board?

Finny Forever said...

What also happens sometimes is that - guys join the blank noise meetings for insidious purposes.

Chintamani said...

Well, good Idea. If u think I can help, i wud be there. Plz visit my blog.

Anonymous said...

The BlankNoiseProject is a very important step towards 1) Acknowledging that the problem exists 2) Bringing together people for a common cause. 3) Letting people (like myself) who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse and remained quiet for many years, to spell it out and thereby not only lighten the burden a little but also to let others know that they are not alone.

But as your first point is "Define the term eve-teasing". Many blogs and replies have gone onto childhood sexual abuse. Though too is a very important issue but does it come under the purview of this project...only you can answer.

Maybe I am just dreaming, but I hope someday comes when any victim of child abuse or eve-teasing, regardless of gender, can easily approach any properly managed and setup institutions in every school in India and/or Area and be able to say "I have this problem...".
Maybe that day, the child will be get conselling that - it was not her/his problem and nothing is wrong within her. And maybe that day, the perpetrator of the crime - regardless of whether its a parent or relative or any "Big Shot" in India can be dragged to the court and publicly sentenced to such a strict law that it will not only stop him/her from doing so again but also deter others from even thinking of committing such a crime...a crime that not only violates the body but also destroys the spirit - to live.

Regards and all the best,


California, USA

Nishant said...

Could we also work on establishing some limits to aceptability with regards to
"...something that may be normal, but is unacceptable."

Coz I don't think ppl who're new to a town and din't find a girlfriend in highschool are just supposed to curl up and die and leave others alone.

Nishant said...

Read your individual blogs after posting. Please ignore my comment. I'm not in the same league as these monstronsities you've come up against.

Unknown said...

i am a girl who's been eve-teased, sexually abused and molested so many times that i have even forgotten the count.
And yet i believe that by shouting out your rights and taking out parades in cities, burning clothes, making charts and

posters and having interviews on media telling men not to eve tease you, you are not going to achieve your end.
Even if you do and even if you get all the attention you seek and wish to direct towards this problem that you feel so

passionately about, what will be the end?
I understand that rapes and abuses are not a joke, and all this begins only with something as simple as Eve-Teasing, but

there needs to be a permanent solution not a forced ending.
This is not a pessimistic approach let me tell you, i am far from a pessmistic person, but this is from a girl who would

love to see her country changed for good.

The entire problem of eve-teasing and men feeling a lust for women springs from history of this country. Hinduism

itself was never an orthodox religion, the earlier society not only respected women but also worshipped her. But many

invastions from around, and influences of religions that are orthodox has brought about this change in the country.

Men, invaders, who were subdued in their own countries, separated for long from their own women, saw indian women

and raped them like crazy. To protect the women, one man could marry 4 women,female feotus was killed, sati was

promoted, ghunghat was promoted, and so was the burkha.

These religions like Christianity and Islam brought along with them the idea of "abstinence from sex", and "male

chauvinistic society".

e.g. Shake a soda water bottle while the cap is on, shake it really well, as much as you can and open the cap. What

happens? Suppression does that to society. Democracy needs to exist in the real sense. Democracy also promotes

freedom. And freedom is the only way to a responsible society.

What happened? Nature is nature, we all cant fight it. Have you ever seen a Bitch (female dog) in heat or mensus?
All dogs flock around her, hurt her and drive her crazy. Even if she doesnt want to mate, she is sometimes forced to.

Not just a dog talk of any animal. And if you're going to pose the question if we are animals, then yes we are. Basic

Instincts shall always remain basic, and the more you try to cover them up the more built up reactions it'll have.
A strong healthy female is always able to defend herself, bites and hurts the male dogs who are weak, she always opts

for the stronger male, and the weaker female always mates even if she doesnt want to. Because whoever is strong wins.

If men are physically strong, women are psycologically. But becoming emotionally driven (which is what women are

impopular for doing) isnt the solution.

Telling/forcing men not to eve tease women is only going to build fear. Say all the girls who endorse the Blank Noise

project wear a batch that says BlankNoise on it, and the men who intend to eve tease her see it and fear teasing her.

What are you going to end up with? Once again a subdued society? Once again a soda water bottle syndrome?

Freedom is the way to responsibility, not suppression. North Indian men abuse more women than the South Indians.

Why? The number of women have decreased there Why? Thought and analysis is necessary not simply action.
Women have been brought up to be the weaker sex. They've been asked to be ashamed of their bodies and they've been

taught to shy away from men. They've never been taught to say no. They're taught to please men at all costs, coz

pleasing others will eventually make them acceptable. And where does this begin? This begins from the families and

homes. Families need to start respecting their women more and that's the day men and boys will learn to respect women

These are the values of the society that need changing.
I know its a long term process and therefore we young blooded refuse to accept it. But its these long term things that

last not the short termed ones.

I wish you achieve what you've started off doing, but i also wish you think of repurcussions and think of the end from

more than one perspective - maturedly.

Anonymous said...

You are right to an extent, perspective. It is definitely a symptom of our diseased and hypocritical (because it pretends to be 'moral', adhering to some absolute morality).

You are right when you say awareness of this kind can only do so much, because eventually it comes down to a matter of power, and the fact that people abuse simply because they can. Rapists feel empowered. They do it more to feel powerful than because raping someone is erotic.

But you also have to understand that little things count. Simply talking about it and wearing badges can change the environment into a less hostile one for women in some cases. While blog posts will not help villagers, it will make a tiny difference to someone, somewhere by making the environment more hostile for borderline eve-teasers.

I wish the Blank Noise Project the best of luck.

And I do agree with perspective that we need to take some real action if we want to affect attitudinal change, instead of merely enforcing rules using safety in numbers.

Sue said...

Am in a hurry, (at work) so am just commenting here to say that I would like to be a part of your campaign. I live in Calcutta and if there's any way I can help, do let me know.

Anonymous said...

I would request you to broadbase your blog/campaign.
Unfortunately there is quite a lot of men-teasing in this country than what we see at the surface. Since the society finds it unnatural, this is quite clandestine

Incognito said...

I would like one of the contributors of this blog to define "honour".
Every women as a child is taught to guard their honour wherever they go. This starts from the short stories we are told to the epics.. In the name of 'honour', we become silent to too many atrociousness that prevail. Hence, blame ourselves for no fault of ours.

Anyways. I am freelance designer(Print/Video/Set) - Willing to do any kind of design. Even logos, if you would like. Do let me know if you would like anything required of me.

Just drop in at my CBOX Or even here. I'll check regularly.

Great work guys.

Frustrations Amalgamated said...

Wow great going .......i would love to join your group.
The problem of women being molested exists in every part of the world.I think its high time we stand up to the world and show that we arent a submissive race anylonger. WHEN ADVERSITY STRIKES STRIKE BACK MORE ADVERSELY.

Anonymous said...

i really dont see the clothes installation to do much, though it sounds like a 'cool' thing to do.awareness about what is eve-teasing, its bounds etc is a good idea. through poster-media-school campaigns.
look at emotional design techniques to get the message across.

we need street harassment not to be be a 'small' offense. no more tap of the wrists and shoo shoo away.

we need to see more women reporting the crimes, and not just accepting it as this is how the world is.

Anonymous said...

Women is a great conundrom of the 19t century.If we cannot guess her we will never give up.
have u read the code of manu
No act can be done according to her own will by a young gal,young woman or old woman though in their own houses.In childhood gal should be under the will of father,in youth her husband,in old age her son.So life goes on.Now women are educated slaves of men.
Ask the celebrities like Aishwaria not to make hip thrusts.She is enlightened women & role model for many women.It is not as simple as women think it is.I can remember the bra burning of womens liberation movement.Are we better off.Point to ponder.

wallofshame said...

check it out....

coolvir said...

Check this link:

Anonymous said...

Wishing your group my heart felt success.


Anonymous said...

very interesting thing u got goin on here! :D

Anonymous said...

About wether girls are asking for it.
I say yes they are asking for it.
Because nowadays all the girls are nuting but midriff girls.
The media is driving them to become "midriff" girl
The word "midriff" is the girl who after being influenced by britney spears(she started the trend) just go around wearing low waist jeans and high tops showing off their midriff and also the crack of their ass and panties.
I got the word "midriff" from this wonderful education video from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/view/
It is known as merchants of cool. It shows how the teenagers you see on mtv are paid to behave "cool". Seriously watch that it is a USA based documentary but that i what is happening in India too.
Look at the ads.
I remember once upon a time being followed by the "bike Romeo" was scary for girls. But now look at the preity zinta ad of the new scooter aimed at girl. The 1....2...3..4...5... ad. Where she is just waiting pukka tapories to follow. That is cool. I have my own cousins who have to look good for......(they dont know when i ask them for whom)...no they dont say peole on the road. But they have know answer. What happened to wearing your attitude. I know of a girl who was really beautiful and used to dress up really well she would wear jeans but not the ass crack showing type.
She then started wearing really low rise jeans and high tops because when she used to go out with friends "guys"(the taporis standing in nukkads ok) would check the friends who were showing more skin(she say who were more "fashionable") well she is back to wearing what makes her look good. Because i just asked her one question who are those guys. They were actually street gangs nukkad characters totally sadak chaap.
I have seen girls actually feel happy if they are noticed and puuuuuhhhhlllllleeeaaasseee..... i doens take an expert in body language to notice that. And that is why the eve teasing.
Now let me set one thing right i am NOT BLAMING THE GIRLS. I am telling instead of going on the road first stop this brainwashing of girls by the media. Look at any ad. A girls life revolves around being noticed by a guy.
Aishwaryas new ad. "twatcha itna khoobsurat ki chupaye kyon"(skin so beautiful so why hide it).
If girls go to a tatoo guy the way aishwarya rai goes to get the tatoos i think the tatoo guy will rape her only.
Because her body language was totally oozing sex.
This should be stopped. Look at every ad a female has to show skin.
Look at the music videos. The girl likes the bad guy. The guy who gets the girl is the guy who grabs and kisses her till she submits herself. This not only affect the girl but the guy who think that girl is not denying what she needs is what the hero of the video did.
MTV grind i see girls dancing like that in discoes. they dont know that the girls in mtv grind are paid to dance and they do all the sexy things so that camera remains on them. half of them are featured on webcamgirls.com and amateurs porn websites. MtV grind is like their launch pad.
Censorship isnot the answer but counter videos and education like the link i posted http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/view/ this video should be played in every college and school.

And one more thing it is girls only who act in this videos and on porn websites. They have sold thier souls for money so you can expect each and every girl to be like that.
Educate the people let them know that the porn movie which shows all night duty nurse are horny is not reality. (Well there is lot of sexual harrasment in hospitals on nurses.)
Look at the root of the cause. our very own bollywood movies in the mid 80s would shows hero tease heroine like anything in a song and at the end of the song the heroine coyly submits.
All these are causes going on the roads with billboards are not going to help.
Educate create counter attack videos bring it to such a point where females know that they are a sex object as the media potrays them.
The girls are asking for it yes but they just dont know it.
I just put this down because i read those long list of comments about the clothes and why girls shoudl wear clothes.
I still dont see the funda behing wearing a jeans which anyone can look right through the crack of your ass all the way till the asshole. If girls do that they are asking for it. I think i wouldnd be disgusted if i saw the same girl on a beach in a bikini. I would even notice it( if it was goa not amchi mumbais chowpatty).
Some guys see it as an open invitation.
I remember this short from Larry davids serial Curb your enthusiasm. He is getting into a movie row and there is a girl who wearing a real low neck. Her assets are showing in all glory. Our man is a mairried guy and very loyal but when he is movie he cannot help but notice she is just sitting on the row he is trying to get in. And his eyes stray there. And that female just snaps back at him and start asking "you were staring at my breast you creep"(dont remember the exact dialogue) and he is embarresed says he is sorry but she just keep yapping he loses his cool ands just comments yeah you are wearing that dress because you want guys to stare at your feet??
As long as girls think of themselves objectively and believe that the only way to attract attention is to show of their body parts till then eve teasing will rise.
Exceptions are there to each and every case. I know that even decently dressed girls also get eve teased. That is whole different issue. And i think somewhere this thing has even influnced it.
Well i am not in mood to write but one day i hope to make my own merchants of cool video like the one here http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/view/ which will be indian based and see that it is played in schools and colleges.

ninetieschild said...

eve-teasing needs a bettr definition than what v hav..surely evry joke, look n gesture exchanged between the sexes cant be sexual harassment..
as for dressing provocatively..what u wear is often a statemnt of ur identity as well..for men n women..esp when ur young its a form of self expression..somethng evry persons got a right to ..so wearing a short skirt cannot in anywy justify being molested..the success of a group like this would b in convincing ppl to realize nobdy deserves to be harassed..but u hav to deal wt the consequences of ur own actions..asking women to dress less provocatively is like telling the muslim fundamntalists theyre right abt making their women walk around in purdahs..maybe u cld tell them to do what they want, but boys will alwyz be boys..

Cruel Intentions said...

It took me some while to finally post this comment in the way I would like to for I know it is gonna draw lot of criticism...
Was thinking of taking the Anonymous way out but then again.... I would be the very thing that you people are fighting against if I just hid behind the anonymous...
Would you help me with the Adam Teasing stuff? ;-) We could put it on the same Website as yours, for Eve-Teasing is something everyone accepts, but Adam-Teasing . Well very few believe that it exists.. But it sure does... Think over it

Anonymous said...

awesome concept!

Anonymous said...

awesome effort....i am totally for it...go girls!

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to be a part of something like this. did not know how to do it on my own. but now i dont have to be alone. :D

Incognito said...

I think my comment seems to be always in the dissapearing mode.

Here's trying one more time:

I am a designer(Print/Set/Logos/Website). I'm put up in Chennai.
Please let me know if I could help you in anyway.

jugni said...

i'd like to volunteer for he Delhi initiative.. how can i do that?

Blinkdreamz said...

adam teasing may exist as 'cruel intentions' mentions,but then,even male sea horses get pregnant!

a correspondent said...

It is amazing that a woman gets killed for standing up to eve-teasers, and there is no mention of it on this blog.

It is easy to empathise, console. Not so easy to keep the enthusiasm alive.

Keep the issue boiling - get all the participants in the blogathon to write about it or post a note or use a graphic on all their sites in memory of someone who died for the sake of someone else's rights. Meher Bhargava should have been the big story for you for the last 4 days till she died.

Or has it all come down to hanging old clothes some place? I am not saying it doesn't have a place in battling harassment; just that when the bulldozer is in the street bearing down on you, that is not the time to click its snaps.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the Meher Bhargava incident?
I am enraged.

Anonymous said...

Well the blog talks about women being treated as commodities by men. But it nicely ignores the fact that just there are countless of women out there who shamelessly exploit their bodies to earn money be it in the high class "fashion" envoirnment or exposing in high/low budget movies , beauty contests ,or in downright prostitution . Women use their charm even in student/proffesional life to get favours from profs or assignments done from their male counterparts.
(And i am not talking bout those women who are forced into it but those who willingly do it)
I wonder why fellow women dont come out strongly against these women ,is it because its ok to be a commodity when its profitable and not otherwise?
About the dress code thing ,well as the saying goes "when in rome do as the romans do !!" In india when the vast majority of ppl dress conservatively ,its but natural dat women (and men) who dont will stick out in society. So while eve teasing is still a crime even against women who dont dress conservatively ,they cant really complain if ppl stare at them.
We cant adopt western norms of freedom in dress codes until we first have western per capita incomes/standards of living ,education etc.

Blinkdreamz said...

why is the blog dormant for quite some time???

Anonymous said...

I am already a member of Blank Noise Project on Google Groups but since today I have been unable to send any mail to the group. Is it just me? I am getting the error that I need to join the group first but I am already a member. I just confirmed it by going to Google Groups.

Thank you!!

a correspondent said...

Because they didnt publish my last comment :-)

Anonymous said...

you guys should write about the meher bhargava death because of retaliation to eve teasing, in lucknow.

Sue said...

Hi, I was part of the group that took over the email (without meaning to, I assure you!).

I'm based in Calcutta, let me know if there's anything I can do.

(I'm a copywriter and involved with theatre.)

M.S. Wells said...

Hi, ladies. I'm a new member of the Street Harassment Project in New York City. I'm glad to see you have us linked on your site!

Great job with the Blank Noise Project!

I have question to ask you. Mangs, I also posted this on your blog. Sorry for the repeat.

I am trying to interview women in India who have sold their hair for money.

I'm sure you all know the way hair sells across the West, but most women here know nothing about the women who sell their hair.

I work at a really big international glossy celebrity magazine here in the States (sorry, but I can't tell you the name unless you contact me, but you'll know of it when I tell you), and I need help researching for the story.

You will get a byline in a U.S. magazine if that helps!

Thanks for your help!


Melody W.
email hairstories2006@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

i love the concept

sharanya said...

sign me up!

Ramya said...

hey i have read about this project months back in hindu's sunday magazine.its from jasmeen the b'lore girl.i was happy for her initiative.today i read abt her blog in sunday mag. of hindu and i visited this site.

"eve teasing" is a social evil and plays with the modesty of girls.many have experienced it including me.but the blame is finally put on the girls for her lifestyle or so and thus the society calmly gets relieved of its duty towards women.we women neednt be worshipped but atleast taken care.

eve teasing exists everywhere in the world.it exists in streets,buses,offices,etc.the real culprits tend to abscond or escape from trials.we must all strive for stringent law that brings death sentence for any evil meted out to women be it rapes,murder,eve teasing,...

i wud like to join ur group and share my views.

Anonymous said...

hey......this is a great thing you hav strtd here. Girls deserve this.

I am a guy n i have many freinds who are girls, and i would hate it if someone eve-teases them.

However, i dont agree with you on the staring point. I dont thiunk staring is eve-teasing. If a girl looks good, guys will stare, and if a guy looks good girls will stare. Nothing can be done about that...and its perfectly all right

Libran Lover said...

Related post that may be of interest: Root Cause of Eve Teasing in India

Anonymous said...

dear jameen thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a line.
i m in the blog athon list.

kindly change the blog url.

previously it was in blogspot.

current url


Anonymous said...

What 'perspective' said is 100% realistic. Though it is a long-term process, the need of the hour is the change in approach of the society. As a person who respect women a lot, I feel often why men (not all) behave like this. It is really a shame on the part of men. I think the main focus of the blanknoise project should be towards sensitizing the men and school children. The men should raise to the occasion. The sensitization of young girls on the evil of eve teasing is significant as they often become innocent targets. Also, the punishment for eve teasing should be more stringent. But, it is a sensitive issue too. But, care should be taken that such a law is not misused against innocent men. Women should be proud of their being women. They are the one who could give life. They should be proud of it. Blank nosie project is a good initiative and I am confident that things will change in the near future.

chinmayee said...

Hi. All those who want to help/volunteer, please email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com and we will reply. Please try and attend meetings being held in your cities this weekend. Or, let us know if you want to organise one. When you email, just add your city name in the subject line to make it a little easier to sort!

Dancewithshadows: Please read the latest post and your comments were published late for lack of time and not anything else.

Anonymous said...

I would like to address the points made by both PERSPECTIVE and QWAN made above, as well as add an idea of my own to start a political movement in India based on the issue of "eve-teasing".

1. PERSPECTIVE - As a foreigner of India who has resided in this country for a decade, and who is a practicioner of an Indian spiritual path, I would like to say that I have noticed that many Indians blame all their societal woes on foriegners who took over, whether they be Moghuls, Brits or even Christian Missionaries.

The first step to solving a problem is to take responsibility for it. Islam and Christianity are not responsible for eve-teasing in India. I am not a Muslim nor Christian. I practice a form of what could be called "Hinduism" yet I take responsibility for the texts I read in books like Manu Smriti and others that are gender-biased against women. They are plentiful, even if the same book glorifies "Devi". It's time that Hindu society admits this fact and takes responsibility for it. Just as Islam or Christianity or any other religion has to take responsibility for whatever wrong ideas are inherent in their faiths.

Another point - I have been to countries that are predominantly Christian and Muslim, yet I never got sexually molested there. So if as you assert that Islamic and Christian influence is the root cause of sexual harrassment in India - how would you explain this?

Your point about Christianity introducing celibacy and a negative view of women to Indian culture is just off the mark. Read the Puranas and Upanishads of yore or even more contemporary writings of Swamis and sages within the last 300 years of India and you will see that brahmacharya and vairagya is a concept that is as old as the hills in Bharat.

The bottom line is this: Indian society has to own up to it's own problems and stop blaming the blame game. Full stop!


You say that the way females dress in India invites undue attention. I have been all over this country and the majority of women are extensively covered either in salwar-kameez, sarees, or some other type of garmet that covers most of their bodies but yet we still get sexually harrassed. When I'm in India I wear baggy salwar-kameez with dupatta covering my breasts - I am so covered that I feel like a niqabi Muslim girl! Yet when I am dressed like that - covered head to toe, looking quite unattractive, my boobs and butt still get grabbed. Can you explain this please?

However, when I am in USA lying on the beach soaking up the sun in a bikini, no one even looks at me! Can you explain that please?

It has nothing to do with what we wear. It has to do with the MENTALITY of the men around us.


I think it would be a great idea if Indian women and men took to the street of the country with signs declaring that they will only vote for the mayor, Chief Minister or Prime Minister who vows to declare WAR on "eve-teasing". I think this is an excellent political agenda and you will receive alot of media coverage and propaganda. If you form a huge vote bank you will really call the attention of politicians. They will then start addressing the issue in their political speeches, etc. The word must get out loud and clear to all men in India that their criminal behaviour will NO LONGER BE TOLERATED, no matter what - even if women are walking down the street naked!

Mind Curry said...

so what if "females" (i wonder why everyone uses that word) wear something that they want? why should men lose their control? such pathetic explanations we bloody indians come up with. we have only our stupid hypocritic society to blame.

Anonymous said...

I was in Nepal a few months back and never once experienced eve-teasing. But once I crossed the border back, there it was!!!!!

What is wrong with Indian society?

U.P., Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana are notorious for this sickening business, but I've also had unfortunate experiences in Maharashtra.

While travelling in Assam, an acquaintance told me, "We really respect women here."

What he really meant was - we keep our women tethered, expect them to venture out only with a companion, expect them to behave and dress 'appropriately'.

The only places in India that I never remotely had to fend anyone off were the North-Eastern States - especially Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. I don't know if it was only my experience, but the people in the North-East seem more cultured, better-mannered.

Anyway, I'm glad I found this blog. I mean, I'm sorry there are other people who've had the same sort of bad experiences, but it does feel good to let off the bottled steam. I've been angry for a very long time.

I'm a Freelance Artist/Writer, by the way, and, if I can help in any way, I would love to.

hirak said...

Great job you guys are doing - cleaning India's dirty underbelly.

I just finished watching "North Country" and I checked back here to see if you people or someone had said anything about it. I couldn't find anything in a quick look at the comments, so I thought I would share it with you people.
"North Country" is a shattering movie that kinda of got lost in the Oscars this year. It's inspired by real events about the first class-action sexual harassment lawsuit that took place in the U.S.
For people and especially guys out there who seem to have blocked out "sexual harassment" the movie might open their eyes. It's very sensitively told and it cannot fail to bring anyone to tears. I highly recommend it! This is a picture that is worth a million words.

Anonymous said...


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Harish said...

That lady who blamed Islam for the problem was correct. Islam forced Hindus to act in certain ways. Islam regards women as sex objects. This idea slowly permeated into hindu soceity. So the first step is to free muslims from the influence of Islam. In the West, free men from the influence of Christianity.

But have you ever seen a feminist criticise Islam even in the gentlest of fashion ? They will attack hinduism in India for suppression of women , talk about Ram burning Sita , as if Ramayana was written to encourage men to burn their wives,and in the West, the feminists will attack Christianity and go silent on Islam.

Of course, I understand women are terrified of taking on Islam, even men are , thats why we have this vain hope of secularism in India, all these peace meets and aman ki asha , vain hopes.

So first the men must develop the courage to take on Islam and them offer protection to women who are afraid to take on Islam.

If modern westernized men do not take on Islam, the RSS will do it, and men and women who are aware of the threat posed by Islam will have no choice to support it , along with all the disadvantages that RSS brings with it.

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