At Ars Electronica, Linz


  1. Good vision to display these clothes aesthetically with good sense of lighting

    Glad to see the exhibit was successful.

    where was this exhibit held - judging from the visitors, this is not India.

  2. hi the exhibit is in linz austria for the Ars Electronica with Srishti School of Art Design and Technology.

    it will be in india soon after that. will keep everyone posted.

  3. bring it to delhi. i'll cover it!! I'm gender correspondent... did i tell you :-)
    wheres my top, huh?

  4. oh really!! great!

    your top is there...i can see it right now..right behind a blue t shirt

    will send you a pic with it

    yes there are plans of the exhibit going to mumbai/ delhi. will keep you posted.

    be well
    talk to you soon

  5. good but something missing. that's most important.

  6. Hi thanks for talking abt an issue so common and rightly, 'accepted'. Im a man, with women pals who tell me abt such issues..and it makes me go MAD!!
    I am in Paris, of u need assistance, or are coming here with the exhibition, do let me know. I'll gladly help.