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Unknown said...

I browsed through some of your articles and it seems you have been aggressive against the whole issue of eve teasing in public places and I support it. I also found that some of you have taken real pictures of the perpetrators but then blurred it. I assume the philosophy is not to go after the criminal but raise awareness about the crime. But here I disagree. Can you just be a bit more aggressive. Many times the accused may be an employed person or someone with a family of his own. Why dont you instead go the extra mile and ferociously pursue him? For example- limit this approach to only people you think you can find in the social network circles. His face can be identified from the photo, his vehicle if you have the No. and description, the place of the crime( eg- a cafe). In such cases you may track the person by sending those info to the people in that locality over Orkut/Myspace(/physically). If you do get lucky and someone does identify him, you can reveal him to all the people in his contact list and make an attempt at ostracizing him. This is far better and effective than going through the legal hassles.People who are involved in such petty crimes are likely to be young and vulnerable emotionally and their punishment may serve as a deterrent for others. Also this process might bring more people in touch with your project. I acknowledge that the project might get strenuous. Hence I suggest that people take up this cases selectively and hopefully in co-ordination with as many friends as possible. It would take a maximum of a 5/6 days to get a positive result and I feel this might be lot better than involving the police or just let it pass by.

Kusum Choppra said...

this is a bit from my blog onthe delhi gang rape at http://kusumchoppra.blogspot.com

What of the culprits perpetrators of the crime? For media, it is so much easier to camp in the hospital to dig out juicy details, rather than chase up those culprits. Only one Sunday paper Indian express carried a story on them with a paragraph each on their backgrounds.
What about more with their photos, along with those of a slum and their parents! and those of their associates etc so that they may be recognised in public as RAPISTS. When this is done on a regular basis and a couple of their sisters or cousins face rejection in the marriage stakes for being related to a RAPIST, family pressure from maa-baap, chacha, mama taya , dadi, bua, mausi could work better than all the moral studies and policing in the world, on other would-be rapists. Society needs to reinforce those old rules that prevailed in our childhood, to make a better world for our grandchildren.

Anti Rape Protest Leaders, wake up and smell the coffee. Are we looking from neta wormed governments and babus the protection that fathers, brothers and husbands do not give us? Or are we looking for a society which accords us due respect and upholds a level playing field between man and woman?
Why ask others to do something about an issue that begins in the home? As parents, do we give equal treatment and respect to daughters and sons? Or do we, like the majority in the country, pander to the sons ...'ladka hai. shararat to chalti hai'. That my dear friends, is where it all starts ... and then continues to plaguing sisters and cousins, then in school and college until they become hardened criminals of women teasers and rapists.