Who we are, where we go, what we wear, how we sit, stand, talk, walk in our very own cities. When we demand the need to make our cities non threatening , I don't expect anyone to think of me as their sister or mother, but to really look at women as citizens who have every right to be out on the streets, without any explanation. Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking 'available.'

Blank Noise Project Bangalore calls for women/ girls/ ladies/ of all ages, languages, colour, and shape to be participate in a street intervention on Sunday Nov 12th. Venue: Brigade Road. By participating you will be celebrated as a BNP Action Hero.

We guarantee that this action won't ask you to be acrobatic, but to be yourself, and experience the site you act upon transform. Be the stimuli, be an action hero.

To know more and to participate call us at 98868 40612.
(This street intervention will be approximately 1.5 hours)

List of participants here:

1.Ratna Apnender
2. Yamini Deen
3. Soumya Chandra Shekhar
4. Payal Kamath
5. Anushree M. Jois
6. Vrinda Maheshwari
7. Sujata Bhat
8. Nanjami
9. Shakuntala
10. Akhila Vasan
Leslie Ziani
12. Sanjana Janardhan
13. Manju Ramanan
14. Kadambari Kapoor
15. Sashwati B
16. Ritu
17. Chitra Badrinarayan
18. Nisrin Aziz
19. Tharunya Balan
20.Jyotsna Mandana
21. Shreya
22. Alka Shankernarayan
23. Smriti Chanchani
24. Shweta Jagdish Chellaram
25. Archana Srinivasan
26. Aishwarya
27. Krupa Jaganath
28. Monica Gupta
29. Anupama Vadnagra
30. Shyamli Panda
31. Sunaina Suresh
32. Sneha Singh
33. Arundhati Sanat

(Male volunteers are welcome! )

Dev Sukumar, Rahul,Vivek, Thomas Abraham, Rahul


ivalap. said...

the audio piece is brilliant. it is brilliant.
can we possibly tie up with a radio channel? have no clue about the funding etc...just thot itl be a good way to spread the word.
it was brilliant.

Tonagatti said...

I am male but i am also apposing this type of activites, I am also watching these type of activities in public places, but hats of u, that u had taken the initiative

Anonymous said...

hey! im a guy, n im really happy dat this drive is finally happening. i whitnessed something very relevant happening to a friend of mine quite a while back on brigade road. since then my blood boils everytime i see something like that happen.

sou said...

shayone - was the incident not enough motivation for you to join us? what's the use if you passively witness events and feel impotent rage.. use that rage to be part of BNP.

Be there on sunday at India Coffee House (M.G. Road) 4:30 pm!

Anonymous said...

apart from stalkers on the street, arent we forgetting all those men going through their mid life crisis that we women know personally, and before yu know it the sexual inuendos and the over friendliness begins and either yu were too naive to realise or you did but ignored it, hoping it would go away. whose fault is that. and you did nothing to "ask" for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is a brilliant effort and maybe what im pointing out doesnt matter much- theres is a spelling error- 't' missing in letching.

jairaj said...

all the very best to you lot!

J said...

Thanks Jerry!

hemangini said...

anonymous 2: what you're pointing out doesn't matter so much only because there IS no 't' in leching.

Blinkdreamz said...

both anonymous 2 and mangs are right! it really doesn't matter but that was funny, haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Hats off Womenfolk Iam really happy to see that this drive is finally happening. Women get harassed no matter how they are dressed despite commonly made arguments to the contrary.my blood boils everytime i see something like that happen.

I remember summer of 1994, my own expereince of with such horrifying incident when I was standing at the Madras Central station
a a man masturbated in front of me from a train rest room which was right across the station . I was speechless and horrified and
wanted to kill that man . I was so ashamed to relate this incident to my husband who was away that time. It took me while
to return to normalcy.

But I think just by mere feeling disgusted is not enough with the advent of Internet and cameraphone technology, photographing and disseminating pictures of street harassers in newspapers Internet, so that harrasers can be ashamed of themselves.

Over time, initiatives such as Firegrl, The Street Harassment Project, and HollabackNYC have developed to call attention to and combat street harassment in U. S too. Projects such as The Blank Noise Project and Hollaback make use of this strategy in combating street harassment
The Street Harassment Coalition is a NYC based activist organization committed to fighting the sexual harassment of women (and perceived women) by men in public spaces .I guess some things are typical weather they are Developed or developing countries .

Anonymous said...

I just learnt about the site just now. Great work keep it up. And somebody spotted some spelling mistake. The spelling mistake is not to be corrected rather what has to be corrected truly is men (to say in exact term peverts and mostly to say bachelors). First of all boys has to stop their stupid trash talk on girls in the room. Well do keep posting of the places in advance may be if it is nearer to my place i will surely join in. And until then i wish a 100% success on all places wherever u conduct this good job. Go girls show what girl power really is. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

an exercise in futility considering you want to change mother nature :/

Anonymous said...

wait a minute some anonymous user said something about changing mother nature. who is changing mother nature? don't blame nature for your mistakes. if u are talking about the opposite sex attraction then i see in nature in any animal such indecent behaviour is seen. attraction is there always between opposite sex but here it is about the behaviour is trying to be changed. teasing is not part of nature. u yourself call the great force nature as mother and all that is asked is to pay some respect for that femine side.

Anonymous said...

I admire the BNP but I think the activities are too feeble to cause a big change.... I think you guys (we guys I mean) need to join hands and start active crusades against all the perpetrators.. lets do it one locality of a city per weekend. Of course I have ideas like everyone else.... lets make them happen!!

Where are the photos and videos of the chaps nailed so far?

Anonymous said...

okay, i think its a great initiative.
but this cloth collection drive ask-for-it is senseless.... eve teasing is hardly linked to attire, one might be clad in a salwaar kameez or burqa and still she might not be spared by lechs... I think it would be better if you (we) chalk up some meaningful agenda... snap'em is okay.... but nothing compares to subjecting these lechs to public humiliation....!

Anonymous said...

Leching, touching, staring, groping, passing remarks, pinching, stalking, looking..


hemangini said...

commonman: look on the righthand side bar

hysteria: if you read more about the clothes project you'll know that's exactly our position too.

idea senator:

Anonymous said...

ok deeps calm down. dont get riled up.dont you think "opposite sex attraction" leads to teasing ( that and skimpy clothes ) . big deal. get over it already ;)

Anonymous said...

i don't think "opposite sex attraction" leads to teasing. don't call your lustful ideas on your mind as opposite sex attraction that is something u developed on yourself or in other way can be said as that u don't have control over your feelings. and about clothings if u say teasing is because of their bad way of dressing then how come girls wearing sarees and chudidhar are teased up. stop trying to give false excuse. try to think of your mistake and correct it up.